“Not My Buddy” Carter appearance

Presumption, thy name is Republican politician. Where did they get the idea that public servants are hired to order their employers around?
That the venue was one-third empty can perhaps be blamed on the violent afternoon thunderstorm.
There were no protestors, but lots of cops (state police, county police, city police, college police and, of course, the Sheriff). How would the LEOS collect over-time, if they didn’t have citizens to herd?
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Announcing the bombing of Syrian airfield

The video of the Dude’s announcement of retaliation against Syria by launching bombs on some deserted airfields is interesting on several levels.
It was obviously scripted and scrolled at the bottom of the three cameras that recorded the event. The exercise proved that he can read. Whether he can comprehend is another question. The flat affect of the recitation has been interpreted by some as evidence of cold-bloodedness and lack of empathy. Which may be accurate, but is only significant if we expect empathy to be present. HAL, the computer in “2001,” was chilling but only surprising in that computers weren’t expected to have intent. There isn’t any question that the Dude intends to do harm. So, why should a lack of empathy come as a surprise?
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The etiology of the duped electorate

We’ve got an abusive sub-culture in the U.S.  It is possible it has evolved out of the intellectual and moral support for slavery.  Since particular minorities are no longer able to be subjugated with impunity, the impulse to subjugate is broadly spread. The result is that we have what are called abused elders, abused spouses, abused children and abused animals.
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More on Fake News

I should have made this point before. The Cons, who are giving us so much trouble, are, by and large, binary thinkers. That is, their perception of the world is a case of either/or. Moreover, the binary pair are in a state of conflict, contesting with each other. This condition is manifest in an apparent inability to employ modifiers in their diction.
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