Abrogate, arrogate and abstract

So, here on the Georgia Coast there’s a lot of arrogation of property and abrogation of responsibility going on. Mostly, it’s not the same people making false claims to property they don’t own and the people failing to protect those who do. But sometimes it is governmental entities failing to honor what other governmental entities are responsible for.
From which I conclude that it’s no wonder people are fixated on property rights when their rights are being either challenged or ignored left and right.
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Conservation is a Con

Dear Friends of SLEAT:

As you know, the Georgia Coast, just a hundred miles, if you don’t count all the islands’ shores, is being roiled by a proposal to subdivide Cumberland Island, whose designation as a National Seashore persuaded almost everyone that it was to be preserved as one of the few wild places on the Atlantic Coast. The Jekyll Island Authority, the stewards of a state park, are angling to manicure what they still refer to as “pristine” lands and deploy bulldozers to haul off “nuisance sands.” And, on Saint Simons Island, under the guise of “conservation easements,” whose “values” are sanctified by the IRS, a number of large tracts of land (Cannon’s Point, Sinclair Plantation, Musgrove Plantation) are being temporarily taken off the real estate market to restrict public access and protect the exclusive interests of a few estates (the Jones Family, Davis Love and Sam Nunn) with contributions from the public purse via tax breaks and outright grants.
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I’ve been wondering if there was a single word to describe people wallowing in other people’s injuries, worries and disappointments. There is, of course. It’s commiseration. My, how quick people are to do that. Just a whiff of distress brings them out of the woodwork. And what do they offer to help? Prayers.
Leper lickers have more skin in the game. It’s disgusting.
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A pacifier and a rattle?

Oh, dear. This is not good. Phillip Mudd, former Deputy Director of the FBI, suggested:
“You can’t take this seriously. You feel like you’ve got to give the president of the United States a pacifier and a rattle and put him in the crib.”

Strange doings.

Facebook keeps freezing, regardless of which browser I use.
Does it have something to do with the big story of the day? That the Dude is trying to threaten Comey with the possible existence of a recording of the conversation over dinner in which he tried to exact an oath of fealty?
More likely, the internets are just getting overloaded because, after all, we are going through a never before experienced Constitutional crisis. How to remove a mentally incompetent person from office?
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Carolina wren nest & chatter

IMG_1305There were five eggs in the wren nest.

Click on the img to make it play.

In other news, two egg shells fell out of the bamboo where the green heron nests.

Update: on the morning of May 16th, three wren chicks fledged. Unlike the green herons they don’t stick around the nest once they can fly.

Two of the eggs did not produce chicks and were left behind. The pictures make them look bigger than they are, about 3/4″

Wherefore doth the Dude?

Clueless people always behave the same. I think there is a missing link in their brain. It’s probably why there are seven deadly sins — behavior that is self-defeating. These people do the same thing over and over again, not because they expect a different outcome, but because they expect/anticipate nothing.

Hope is not the same as anticipation.
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Enforcing the law

Justice Anthony Kennedy is correct in that, ultimately, it is the people who enforce the law. And, since that is the case, when the American people reach a consensus, a President, who has proved himself unqualified to carry out the duties and obligations of the office, will have to depart.
Unfortunately, the current office holder is so dumb he may have to be carried out in a straight jacket.