Picked about four quarts today and ate one berry. In a couple of days, there will be the same amount ripe.
The grape vines have flowers.
The coral beans are doing well under the shrubs. I do not know where to transplant them.
Picked some Rosell leaves for our eggs tonight.
Puddy’s chest congestion is a worry.



GADOT has posted a public notice that it intends to acquire a half acre (0.483) of land along the east side of Highway 17 for roadway widening and drainage easements. The two parcels directly affected (03-00580, 03-00579) contain 3.5 acres of mostly vacant land. Which is why the official appraisal of value is just $75,600 for the land. Continue reading

Meditation on coercion.

The culture of obedience needs exemplars to demonstrate what happens to those who do not follow orders.

The culture of obedience is insidious. It says, in effect, “if you follow orders, all will be forgiven and there will be no adverse consequences for mistakes.” In law enforcement it even has a name. It is called “qualified immunity.” In the Catholic Church, the routine is called a sacrament, Penance. There it says, “if you confess, all will be forgiven.” What is left unsaid is that, after the forgiveness, guilt remains and that guilt forges a bond that is difficult to escape. Continue reading

The German Village matter

I would note that permits are issued for inherently beneficial activities, for the convenience of public servants who might have to provide assistance and on occasion when there is a question whether the judgment of beneficial was accurate.

As Justice Kennedy often explained, the “issuance of a permit is not a matter of grace.” However, permits are also not designed to facilitate injury. In this instance, the SSLT seems to have sought a permit to garner a privilege that discombobulates the neighbors.

One point that was not clarified is that routing commercial traffic through a tiny residential enclave is totally uncalled for. But then, our Director of Community Development often does things backwards.

Glynn County Rudes

What kinds of public servants start off a public meeting with an assertion that everyone is to be heard and then instructs that “OTHERS” are to speak and a lack of “courtesy” will result in eviction?
ANSWER: Public servants who are unsure of themselves, do not value their employers and need to climb down off their high horses.


A half century of fear mongering is bound to leave some people thinking “well, it could have been worse.” For that matter, the Dude is not an anomally. He’s a media-made monster. That is why all his behavior is so familiar. Think of The Penguin and Woody Woodpecker and the Road Runner Cartoons. Think about MLK, dealing with nightmares and talking about the American Dream. Denial is not just a river in Egypt; it is endemic to the American psyche as manipulated by the media. No, the medium is not the message; the media are into psychic massage. And the result is a comatose nation. There are many reasons to get woke.