On Domination

It is likely that most humans respond to an upbringing of abuse and intimidation with a desire to be special and exclusive in balancing the scales. The result of this yearning, prompted in large part by familial conditions they can’t change, is to respond positively to rescuers promising something better in the here and now and in the future. The abused are particulalry susceptible to flattery and probably recognize it in others for what it is. So, what some people find disgusting in the Dude, identifies him by the dispossessed as one of their own.

For some reason, large segments of the U.S. population value obedience over every other virtue. It even comes out in Roy Moore’s assertion that he got permission from the mothers of the girls he was harrassing or, as he might have put it, “grooming for their wifely duties.” I have referred to it as “the culture of obedience” after coming to the realization that all cultivation is coercive. The culture of obedience is coercive and persists in being identified as a virtue, probably in an on-going effort to deny that “involuntary servitude,” along with buying and selling humans like cattle and sometimes calling it a dowery was/is wrong. If man’s dominion is God’s gift to man, how can domination be wrong? Take God out of it and the nation will make it right. Take the abusive pater/father out of it and the nation will make it right. Nationalism appeals because it makes a man feel superior without any moralistic/religious poppycock.

But, at its root lies abuse and intimidation and, unlike money, that is a heritage not easily lost. Abuse and intimidation travel from generation to generation. The Palestinians can tell you about it. The Slavs can tell you about it. The Irish can tell you about it. The Germans can tell you about it. The culture of obedience just codifies it. And, it seems part of the nature of abuse is that rescue has to come from outside. We have learned that from its domestic version. Abuse starts in the domi (plural of domus/house) and spreads to the nation.

Toy Soldiers and Tax Piles

It is hard for the reality-based community to understand people who exist in their own imaginings. To be out of touch isn’t just to exist in an ineffable present; it is to be unaware of tangible reality. Think of them as moving toy soldiers through a military engagement that is all fantasy. On Capitol Hill they are moving piles of money around budgets in much the same way.

All their maneuvering is totally disconnected from the real world. So, expecting Congress to be aware of real life consequences is an exercise in futility.

How did we end up with a bunch of game boys? We allowed ourselves to be impressed by the fact that they speak English. And, unlike a talking parrot, they look just like us.

Arrogation, abrogation and abandonment

It seems a pervasive pattern in Glynn County: private citizens use, abuse and otherwise arrogate public lands as if they were their own; public officials such as the local government, school board and sundry authorities abrogate their responsibility to maintain the property and then, when it seems convenient or financially profitable, the usurpers petition for their arrogation to be certified by abandonment.
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued what it calls an “intelligence product” about Black Identity Extremists (BIE), a category it has invented, to be circulated internally and to public officials–a public document that the public is not supposed to see.
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