The Lament of the Middleman

So, from the perspective of the entrepreneur or middleman, the problem with directly provided public services is thaft there is no “cut” for the middleman.
That was brought home by James Holland’s recitation of his encounter with the Gowens after last night’s hearing on their proposal to turn the Village Landing into a money-making enterprise. They claimed he was against them ‘cause he is our friend and they reminded him again about the supposed hole where we dug up the trash on what we call HANNAH’S MARSH.
Gowen’s fixation is hard to explain unless he perceives free public access to the marsh as unfair competition with his desire to charge.
Gowen and his brother-in-law paid $875,000 for 1.5 acres.

Ah Exclusivity!

Exclusivity is a marketing ploy. Imagine paying $650 for three days of access to visit the eroding beaches all Georgians used to visit for free! Way to pimp Mother Nature!

And for what? To hobnob with a bunch of political has-beens?

In re: Kavanaugh

In re: Kavanaugh

In a court of law, evidence refers to the testimony of persons with knowledge of whatever insult or injury is being considered. Circumstantial evidence counts for much less, unless it was collected and processed by an expert witness who uses it to refresh his personal recollection. What was interesting in the matter of Brett Kavanaugh was that the circumstantial evidence (his calendar) he provided apparently did not serve to refresh his memory and so it was discounted, even though it corroborated his accuser’s story. It was a clever strategy to bring forward evidence that could not be used against him, unless he voluntarily admitted his error. Clever of him to hide the evidence in plain sight. Ultimately, his demeanor in the Senate hearing is disqualifying, which is why there are numerous ethics complaints.

The State of the County

Given my commitment to the proposition that “to stand silent in the face of abuse is to be complicit” I find it necessary to comment in writing on the “State of the County” power point presentation by Glynn County Manager, Alan Ours, on October 4th, 2018. As is typical of Board of Commissioner meetings, there was no opportunity for members of the public to respond. And, as is also typical of the Board of Commissioners, they found no reason to discuss or comment on the Manager’s self-initiated review of his administration’s performance.
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