Why would the President’s counsel promote the signing of Non Disclosure Agreements by White House staff? Do none of these people realize they work for the people, who govern and pay them?

On immigration.

This is personal. As a child, whose life was determined by an irresponsible migrant, I resent the additional intentional disruption being visited on the foreign born in violation of the Constitution. That, from the very beginning, the Constitution considered it proper to declare some humans to be properly owned by others does not make this behavior just.
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Puddy’s Playground

Most likely, this is Puddy’s Playground in the Woodridge neighborhood, in Durham, N.H., on a parcel he acquired on St. Valentine’s Day in 2013, the same day I, 1200 miles away, was purchasing 12 acres we now call Hannah’s Marsh.
Puddy’s Playground is being maintained by a young man who helped “build” the paths and site the boulders around a pond. The neighbors report that when there is not so much snow, they clear the ice for skating.

The Swamp

The denizens of D.C. Have always known that when the Dude referenced “the swamp” he was echoing the sentiments of elected public officials whose authoritarian impulses are stymied by the cadre of permanent civil servants which cannot be dismissed without cause. The only way to counter their influence is to remove funding or do a major re-organization, as when Homeland Security was set up and we have seen what a disaster that was. That elected public servants are still servants does not sit well with people who want to rule because that is what their egos demand. So, what is going on now, people flailing and bailing, was to be expected. It is, like a fever, just something that will have to run its course. For the authoritarians on Capitol Hill, the Dude was a last chance. When Obama encouraged departmental revisions of regulations, he effectively gave the swamp creatures their head and exposed Capitol Hill as entirely superfluous. So, the Dude promising to drain the swamp was welcome, but it did nothing to help Capitol Hill. Authoritarians lost nine incumbents in the House and two in the Senate. The citizenry’s swamp creatures were something else.