“Nourishing” the Sea Island beach

The only objection I would have is to the assertion that the consultant, Oertel, had “determined” anything. It is not possible to make a determination about something that has not yet happened. All anyone can do is make informed predictions based on the assumption that prior behavior will be repeated.
In fact, the eastern Sea Island shore has continued to erode, nor has the expected continued elongation towards a merger with Saint Simons Island materialized. Instead, largely as a result of groins having increased turbulence, Sea Island sands have migrated to the sandbar off East Beach, where nascent vegetation is anchoring a new island, providing both habitat and foraging success for migrating birds.
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Constipated Conservatives

People who just can’t let go.
That was my thought for the morning. Then I spent three hours going through DNR files. The operant rule seems to be that public records are made up of information provided BY the public; not records produced by public servants to validate their performance. So, for example, follow-up reports tend to be missing.


The presumption of probity is inappropriately applied to corporate entities, which are organized for the expressed purpose of avoiding individual risk and liability. SCOTUS needs to correct. A corporate body is by definition not an individual.

Lawsuit Dismissed


As an abuttor to the subject property, I certainly hope the decision is appealed. Glynn County’s cavalier attitude towards providing public notice needs to be challenged at every opportunity.
The DNR conditions its permits one a certification from local governmental agents that a proposed project does not conflict with local regulations. Simply doing away with local regulations to remove a conflict is not a proper response. Rather, it is evidence of frivolous and/or capricious decision-making.
Perhaps a deprivation of rights suit is in order.
While some people might argue that having waves crashing on the edge of one’s property instead of being protected by dunes is an improvement. I do not think so. Waves crashing on my horizon are not reassuring.

Comment on the FB post:
Sidney Lanier Oddly, rejection is necessary for a matter to proceed through the court system. Most challenges to local governments are dismissed, in part because we do not have a robust history of case law that supports citizen initiatives. In zoning law, most of the emphasis has been on preventing loss to individual property rights. Also oddly, that precedent is actually going to be beneficial when the migrants’ challenge to the arbitrary taking of their children works its way through the courts. As it stands now, the law says that if parents are to be deprived of their children, they must be provided legal advise, if they cannot afford to hire their own. That our Constitutional provisions apply equally to citizens and other nationals is a persistent burr under the saddle of segregationists‘ keen desire to be somehow special and enjoy status they have done nothing to earn. “Exclusive” is the new term. Exclusion was always the objective. When the behavior is observed in other species, it is called “teritoriality” as if birdbrains had a sense of geography.
Excluding the public is what the Sea Island Corporation is about. It is what they expect them to provide effortless income. Never mind that Exclusive Resorts is pandering to the mindless hoi poloi all over the globe that’s going to be impressed by experiencing the lives of the semi rich for a day, a week or a month.