How to handle a crook.

Remember the guy some people wanted to have a beer with? He was able to figure out that the White House is a prison and told ‘em about it.

So, what did those people do when confronted with a crook? They sent him to prison.

Since time is not of the essence for the base, they simply sentenced the crook BEFORE all the crimes were exposed.

Besides, putting the cart before the horse keeps the horse from running away.

Dispersion and Consent

So, what is the message of this picture? That we are supposed to go nuclear? Do not forget that Marie Currie isolated uranium from coal clinkers she collected along the railroad tracks. Purified and concentrated uranium is even more deadly and waste disposal is still the major problem. When are we going to deal with the uranium ponds on every nuclear site? We need a new ethic. “What man hath put together, he must need to put assunder.“
Concentration is a problem. In the state of nature, molecules are dispersed. In that sense, democracy is natural because power is dispersed over all the people and only exercised by mutual consent.

Liberty. Fraternity. Equality.

Liberty. Fraternity. Equality. This unholy trinity, like the three legged stool, cannot stand on one or two legs alone. Republic and democracy are the entities where the beneficiaries of that trinity, publios and demos (same thing in two languages, Latin and Greek, sort of like apple and pomme in English and French) thrive.
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Schadenfreude is hard to resist. But, we should at least try. Manafort, Stone and their hangers-on had nothing but evil intent. Ist dies der letzte Streich? Let’s hope.

Conservatives and Preservatives

Conservatives, if they are not conmen, are creatures of habit who want their environment to stay the same. In a sense, they are alergic to change and perceive it as a personal threat. However, the habits they form and aim to preserve develop in response to a hormone surge. Hormones are chemicals and, ipso facto, subject to fluctuation in response to environmental conditions. Which, I guess, means that our habit-focused friends are subject to environmental forces of which they are totally unaware.

Can we say that conservatives are at war with themselves, not because habits are prone to turning into self-destructive obsessions (which we can see), but because hormone levels are erratic.

New question for today. What is the long term effect of people dousing themselves with chemical emolients and dyes?