Children in Cages

Talk about a really bad idea.

It left me sort of speechless. But KIDDIES IN CAGES!!!

People don’t have or even want children go balistic over kitties and other “fur babies” in cages.

What were they thinking? Oh, that’s right. The instinct-driven do not think.

What would Rousseau say now that his chains have morphed into the chain-link cage?

Myth vs. Fact in re the kidnapped children

“Myth”is a bit euphemistic, but I did not author the following post. I might add that legality is not the issue. Morality is, and Constitutionality. The distance between legal and moral has long and often been wide and the arc bending towards justice is a bit of hyperbole that we can do without. In the interest of saving the economy, Obama was just treading water when it came to morality.
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“Americans love children.” Not!

Before I was brought here, that is what relatives pronounced to compensate that I was about to be transported to the “land of wild Indians.” Over the last seven decades I have come to the conclusion that, however well-meaning, that was a lie. If Naorth Americans have children, it is to enhance their importance and, as a matter of fact, if the children are somehow handicapped the sense of parental self-importance is even more easily increased. ‘Cause they can add the “have pity factor.” “Come, let us maunder together in the interest of the “special” child.
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My critique of the Glynn County Comp Plan Update

Comp plan critique

Character areas are not in parallel construction, some are place/subdivision names, some describe vegetation, some are directional, some refer to land use. For example, the designations of Brunswick, Jekyll Island and Sea Island have nothing to do with character. Two are politically distinct areas and and one is just a subdivision.

Now, if one consults the color-coded accompanying map, it becomes obvious that the designations are not only inappropriate and confusing, but the underlying planning principles are being wrongly applied. For example, calling the airport and surrounding public lands, including the historic Brunswick/Altamaha Canal an “employment center” which seems to be a euphemism for light industry, and locating it immediately adjacent to residential uses is inappropriate.
More egregious is the falsification of the dimensions of the Sea Island subdivision to include the Coastal Marshlands.

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Developers are Destroyers

Developers are destroyers. I do not know why we did not take that away from the nineteen eighties when suburban development left us with instant slums and urban redevelopment resulted in acres of vacant land.

I do not know why whole “underdeveloped” countries stripped of their minerals, wildlife and forest lands did not clue us in that development is destruction by other than military means.

Now “economic” development is the new flavor, but claiming ownership of natural resources and taking them to market for a buck has the same result. The majority of the people are no better off.

Once the land is stripped of vegetation, wind and water complete the devastation. But, perhaps that is the point. As the young woman said, when her site plan was turned down, if she didn’t get permission, she’d just clearcut the forest without a plan.

Arresting development is sounding better all the time.

A Tsunami of Revulsion.

Let us be clear. Ultimately, law enforcement is carried out by the people who govern. That is the citizens. So, the public is the ultimate judge and the criminality has to be exposed to the public.
Since the expansion of the citizenry to include all adult persons, there has been a consistent effort to restrict the venues in which they are active. The judicial system has been one such venue where there has been a consistent and persistent effort to remove criminal and civil actions from public view. Juvenile cases, for example, are conducted behind closed doors. So are many matrimonial disputes. More recently, preliminary hearings have been conducted remotely via electronic means also excluding the public.

Secrecy is the key to power and the public is the only check. However, in addition to physical mechanisms to inhibit public participation (including security at the court house door), access to public information can also be restricted via gossip and falsification.

If the fraud of 2016 is to be corrected, it will require a public wave or tsunami of revulsion. How do we generate that?