Re: Parnas and Fruman

LEGISLATIVE BRANCH: sets policy and provides resources
EXECUTIVE BRANCH: uses resources to carry out programs
JUDICIAL BRANCH: monitors legislature and executive for compliance with Constitution

None of these entities are tasked with dealing with individual natural persons unless they are asked
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Blueberry status

As predicted, the second year growth is putting out lots of blossoms. Now If I could just get some good pictures of the delicate pink and white flowers and the ball-shaped buds!

Publicity Stunts

Trump does nothing. Trump instigates via inuendo. He has henchmen who carry out orders. He’s a triangulator par excellence.

This kind of behavior is what made RICO legislation necessary. And it is probably also why Trump was/is so sensitive to the charge of collusion and/or conspiracy. He’s is very careful not to commit things to writing and avoid overt threats. With “going through some things” he really skirted the edge.
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Defining a person.

Whence comes the habit of defining a person in terms of their relationship to some other person or group? Individuals used ti be defined, at least in the Anglo languages, by their talents or trades or native origins. Scandinavians identified individuals as someone’s daughter (doter) or son. That is still a functional/organic basis. Trumpist or National Socialist or Rotarian seeks to identify a person not as a self-contained organism, but as part of a group. Groupism. Where does it come from?
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