Bad Seed

Blaming racism for bad behavior springs from a preference for the rationalization that an injury was prompted by the victim’s personal characteristic, rather than accepting evil as a random, unmotivated event. Why do victims do that? Because the illusion of control is better than the reality that some people are just plain evil?

Baby in a box

by Anne Ward=Masterson

Baby in a box

Just fed and washed

By a loving mother

Trying to keep house

In a muddy field

Somewhere between the failed state she fled and

The host of rich countries feeling too poor

To take one more refugee family

Strewn with orange peels,

Moldy bread crusts

Trampled hopes

Sodden with sorrow

Even the fire gives off more smoke

Than heat

Against all odds

She smiles

Perhaps she doesn’t know,


She is a deposed queen

Abuse is the echo, remnant of slavery

In addition to depriving a person of liberty, slavery involves total obedience to demands. And, while we have formally terminated slavery as a legal status, the demand for submission remains manifest in the culture of obedience. Culture is the result of coercion. So, the culture of obedience is inherently abusive. Abuse persists as a cultural norm, transmitted from generation to generation by perp and victim alternatively. It would probably not be wrong to identify abuse as a “kinder and gentler” remnant of slavery. And that is why, unless we formally exempt some particular victims (child, elder, animal), abuse is legal. Oh, we may call it “discipline” or “compliance” or even “obedience” (a virtue by tradition), but the bottom line is that using people and abusing people is lawful and, indeed, our agents of law enforcement are rewarded with an exemption from all negative consequences of their actions, if their actions are consistent with the rules (qualified immunity).
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20 Years Ago Sanders went shopping in Canada for cheaper drugs

Yes, and twenty years later, what did this eye-opening excursion get us? Bernie Sanders’ continued empathy for the victims of corporate exploitation.
Corporation are artficial man-made bodies authorized by political jurisdictions (states) which could, if they wanted, specify the mode of operation, as Wisconsin has recently done with unions, for example, and as the U.S. Constitution models.
Yes, states and the federal union are all also corporations. If they are reluctant to supervise and restrict their clones, it is likely because they too would like to be exploiters, rather than servants.
The Constitution embodies two radical notions. The first is that man is good, contradicting the belief in original sin. The second is that the people govern. So, while our establishments of religion, privileged corporations, argue for the need to “save” human beings from themselves, our agents of government would persuade us that they are in charge.

Associated by guilt?

Epstein and Trump. They were palls chasing after young girls. When I was about seventeen, old friends of the family tried to fix me up with a relative in his forties. I found his attentions inappropriate and was left wondering “what were they thinking?” Apparently, a sense of privacy is not universal. My mother had none. I don’t think being trained as a ballet dancer or working in the garment industry accounted for it.


It is Congress which has defined the transport of children for sexual exploitation as a violation of the commerce clause. For some reason, the abuse of persons is not considered a crime unless they object. And children, of course, are not in a position to object because they are property, not persons.

The U.S. is an ownership society in which people can still be owned.

The lessons of the Jeffrey Epstein case.