When the pandemic is over……

I hope the lessons learned will not be forgotten.

Who started the exploitation? Local retailers. Family businesses exploiting their neighbors. Why were they torched in Watts? Having lived there, I cheered when I learned about it. Even went to visit the old neighborhood in 1975 to see that the store fronts were still boarded up. When we moved to Florida in 1977, it was the same story in the slum neighborhoods. Local grocers were charging outrageous prices for marginal goods. Today, the “convenience” stores accessible to poor people (forty percent of our school children exist below the poverty line) charge four times as much for pasta noodles than they cost in the chain store markets. Impoverished populations are not created overnight. The vulture capitalists are just cleaning up after the cannibals.

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Trapped at Sea

The Brunswick News story about a couple from Saint Simons who took a cruise on March 7th around the tip of South America to Valparaiso and then the Holland American Liner, Zaandam, was not permitted to dock because of COVID-19 on board and four dead people in the shipboard morgue, reminds me.
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Idealism morphed into wishful thinking and that morphed into advertising.
It is a pattern that differs little from wise men during the Middle Ages counting how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. Human brains have a tendency to get full of themselves and ignore reality. In the 21st Century the abstraction is called “the economy,” which has little to do with reality. About as much as that pin.