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Anschutz’ Folly

Why is the state of Georgia letting an Anschutz corporation, headquartered in arid Colorado, litter our Atlantic shore with granite rubble and disrupt the surf with yet another rock pile, aka groin? Is it because anyone willing to waste money in Georgia is welcome? Are we that hard up?

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Absentee Landlords

Absentee landlords. Can we dub it an ism? Absentee landlordism? Their behavior is certainly consistent and identifiable over time. Absentee landlords were a problem in the centuries before the Civil War. Then the westward migration made it possible to escape their predations. Now, in the twenty first century, when there’s little unclaimed territory remaining in the Americas, the landlords have morphed into impersonal companies and corporations (artificial persons) with acronyms instead of names.
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James R Holland Reports

Focusing on what really matters?
by James R Holland
As you may have heard, Georgia-Pacific and One Hundred Miles have partnered up. Which is great… right?

The above photo is from a JHP article from over two years ago. That dark water and foam is coming from the waste-water discharge that’s being pumped into the Turtle River from the Koch Cellulose plant here in Brunswick, Georgia.
The article in question states:
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The Spit Saga Continues

The only thing that’s different is that the Sea Islands Acquisitions folk have heaped up more evidence that they cannot be trusted. Evasion is their game. Now that the 20′ dune they were trying to sell as a building site isn’t, they’re proposing to build one. What they don’t seem to understand is that the vegetation arrives first to hold the sand in place. Take away the vegetation and wind and water reclaim the sand.
James Holland illustrates the problem and writes:
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2200---4-23-14 Tip of the spitWhy is it that mendacity is so hard to deal with? Is it because the transformation of the euphemism into malicious intent seems hardly noticed?

In the event, I’m not sure mid-island subdivisions referring to themselves as “coves” or “landings” really qualifies as mendacity, as the spouse suggests. I think we’ve got a much better example in a communication from the St. Simons Land Trust, an outfit that I would trust no further than I could throw it.
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