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Protection Racket

How can agents of government protect us, if there is nothing to protect us from? It’s the shepherd’s dilemma.
imagesNever mind that green grass causes bloat and still waters harbor pestilence. What was David thinking? Surely the lands of the Middle East were never verdant like the Emerald Isle, where the grass may be green, but never as lush as one imagines. Is it all just wishful thinking?

Of course, if the sheep suffers from bloat, is it not a kindness to lead it to the slaughter? The shepherd’s good intentions do in the sheep. The line between protection and exploitation is almost imperceptible.

Don’t pee on me….

So many ‘p’ words!

Since each applies to what the Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee in Georgia is about, it’s hard to know where to start.

So, let me focus on privilege, doling out favors to special people (people who can pay for permits and call on friends in high places), permitting the exclusive use of our resources by shutting other people out. In this case, the application by the eleemosynary Cannon’s Point cohort for permission to construct a bulkhead and a dock, what’s perhaps most objectionable is the deception being perpetrated by the Sea Island Acquisitions people. For, it is their ownership claim to the marshes surrounding Cannon’s Point which is being perversely affirmed by letting a public body pretend to be in charge. Private property is the leis majesty of the 21st Century.

Why we the people still accord preference to ownership of property over the rights of persons, including Mother Nature, is the question. You’d think that having gotten over the ownership of persons, the rationale for giving special deference to private property would be gone. But, as George W. Bush rightly observed, the US of A is an ownership society and ownership without obligation is what’s valued most highly of all.

By rights, if protecting resources, rather than doling out privilege, were the issue, it’s Sea Island Acquisitions that should be bringing a petition to erect yet another obstruction in the marshes and harm the organism that live there in the process. SIA should be making the argument for reasonable harm. Instead, as usual, this public corporation is letting someone else do the dirty work.

Why we the people let them get away with that is perhaps the biggest question. Why do we authorize artificial bodies and then let them lay waste to the nation? Why not make them discharge their obligations; to preserve what they claim to own?

It’s a sucker play.

“Don’t pee on me and tell me it’s raining!”