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Holland Complaint Re: Hog Crawl Creek

Let me just preface this by observing that that’s how our legal system works. It relies on complaints. Our agents of law enforcement, including our environmental watch dogs, are not supposed to get involved until there is evidence that violations have occurred. And who’s supposed to serve as the trigger? The citizenry at large.

So, it isn’t really a matter of “getting the government we deserve.” It’s a matter of getting the services we demand from our agents of government. Which is why Citizen James Holland has sent a demand letter to the Georgia EPD.

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Hog Crawl Creek

Hog Crawl Creek is where James Holland goes to expose Glynn County’s dirty tricks. Why do I say that? Because the County sought a letter of permission to do one thing and then went and did something else. I am going to append the relevant images here and use the next post for James’ verbal description in his formal complaint to the Environmental Protection Division.
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