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Trashy Is as Trashy Does

Dear Friends of SLEAT:

It did not occur to me until recently that the pejorative “poor white trash,” might be used to make a distinction from “rich white trash.” But, given the evidence, it’s hard not to conclude that, whatever the income level, trashy behavior is a constant. Here in the Golden Isles, it’s not just the causeways and roadways and beaches that are regularly trashed by visitors and transients. While paper mills and power plants pollute air and water, our stellar tourist industry turns the land, marshes and beaches into dumps, albeit behind Potemkin-like fences, screens and walls.
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Two Against One

When the Shore Protection Committee of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources voted in December of 2015 to grant a permit for the construction of a groin/breakwater and a dune in waters of the state and on a public beach, the vote was two to one, because one member was absent and the Commissioner of Natural Resources, Mark Williams, only votes in case of a tie. If the members of the staff who processed the application for a permit, including 99 comments in opposition from citizens and other agency experts in natural resource preservation, were looking for back-up from their chief, they were disappointed.
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Feeding the Press

While it would be unethical to try to influence a potential witness in a trial, there is nothing to preclude providing supplementary information to the press, which is, of course, expected to validate the accuracy of information. Ergo my communication to the local reporter covering the administrative hearing of the challenge to the permit issued to Sea Island Acquisition by the Georgia Shore Protection Committee in December of 2015.
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No Permits

Why should we care that buyers, who don’t “beware,” are likely to be sold under-water lots by SIA PROPCO II, the new incarnation of Sea Island Acquisitions? Why should we care that construction through the tidal marshes and dunes is going on apace without any permits from the LIA (Local Issuing Authority) that’s tasked with insuring structural soundness and the protection of the fragile shore and dune environment? Because, Clynn County officials, having been informed of illegal activities going on within their jurisdiction, can no longer plead ignorance and are now liable for any damage to life and property that results from their negligence. Willful ignorance pretty much writes finis to immunity.
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