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Selling out the Public

Once upon a time it took thirty pieces of silver to sell out a man. Now, in the electronic age, when all precious metals have been replaced by paper or electric currencies, millions of people, some not yet born, can be sold out for next to nothing. That’s progress.

Some people work to conserve the environment and to prevent further pollution and degradation of the organisms that make up the basic web of life. Others are content to simply exclude their fellow man. Still others promote financial interests by making some lands inaccessible, thereby increasing the market value of what’s left. The latter are the new face of segregation, providing evidence that exclusion is both not necessarily sectarian and may well, as Goerge Wallace promised in 1963, last forever.

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Ga DNR Board Re: More Water Issues

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Board meeting on the coast. Judson Turner, Director of the Environmental Protection Division, discusses water issues, including Aquifer Storage and Recovery. His mantra is that permitting is site-specific without any apparent awareness of the fact that water, like wildlife, does not stay in one place.
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