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Proper Procedure

Some people think that if the proper procedure is followed, the end result will be good. That’s false. If the objective is bad, such as extracting information from foreign captives, then following all the proper procedures to water-board them, including medical assistance on stand-by, won’t change that the consequences are still bad, albeit perhaps not illegal. After all, the state killing inconvenient persons also continues to be minutely specified in the law.

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Strategizing at the Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority

The Brunswick and Glynn County Development Authority held a special called meeting on yesterday to discuss their strategy for success in the coming five years — i.e. how to promote economic development in the area and incentivize the creation of more and better jobs for the people who already live here. One question that was asked, but not conclusively answered, is whether the Authority should acquire a portfolio of raw real estate to entice industrial and/or commercial clients or focus more on the under-utilized assets on Brunswick Isle.
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An Environmental Assessment for Storm Water Management


The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in cooperation with Glynn County, Georgia, proposes to relieve flooding in some residential neighborhoods. It’s a project that’s been in the works since 2001. Can we say “antiquated?” There was a finding of No Significant Impact. Not surprising, since the most polluted run-off will still go directly to the marsh. Why? Because the whole environmental protection agenda is man-centered. The environment is only considered in terms of whether is serves immediate human interests and needs.
That the Brunswick Golf Course is unwilling to co-operate should be noted, but it may be too late. We are at the request for engineer services proposal stage.
EA – Final – Glynn County Flood Control

Hoarding in the Golden Isles

Hoarding is, apparently, an addiction and the operators of Golden Isles Wood Products have got it. That the site they were allowed to occupy was a former Brunswick City Dump that was never properly closed and remediated didn’t help. Now, having been finally evicted by the City from land that Koch Industries ill-advisedly acquired, the hoarders want to relocate next to Pinova on Altama, down the road from the College of Coastal Georgia and around the corner from the medical center on Parkwood.

Personally, I don’t think hoarders should be given another venue when they haven’t cleaned up the first. But, you judge for yourself whether we want a Golden Isles Wood Products operation on Altama Avenue.

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Another LTE destined for the circular file.

To the Brunswick News:

The residents of Glynn County ought to be ashamed. I know I am. Instead of investing in and capitalizing on the assets of the City of Brunswick at its heart, our developers and financial speculators have been targeting our marshes and rural areas because, apparently, the profit margins are greater or defaulting on bank loans has proved a painless way to get rich.

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