We are plagues with a species of tiny mosquitos, so small they are hard to crush, whose bite causes an itch that last long after they have been demised. After just five minutes outside to feed the fish, both arms and legs are itching. Those that get in the house almost inevitably end up on my left arm. There must be some benefit to itching and scratching


Today I had to introduce the spouse to the word “libtard” because, of course, he is not conversant with the internet or even Limbaugh. Also, I read that Robert Reich is proposing to resurrect the word “faction” for what are now called politcal parties.


In addition to the attitude of disdain with which the press and the pundits consider the electorate, I was thinking yesterday of alternative language to describe the people, who govern, as well as the system in which they operate –i.e. democracy.

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The Quest for Potency

Power, to be felt, has to hurt, but it is also self-defeating.

It is not possible to deliver what hegemonist white males are after. Their numbers are shrinking but making more of them will not assuage the angst they have inherited from prior generations of dictatorial males. The problem with the quest for potency is that it stymies productivity.

Is self-absorption mesmerizing?


The evidence is so pervasive! It is not just obvious in the low quality of candidates being promoted by the factions. It is not just obvious in the contest or race between the major party candidates promoted by the press. It is not just in the pollong that presumes outcomes or the accepted fiction that dollars spent on advertising determines the results. It is not even the willingness to spread false information supported by the legal posture that “public persons” should expect to be attacked in a press that expects to be paid and whose privilege comes with no responsibility at all. It’s that the people who supposedly govern have been systematically reduced by the traditional powers that be to the status of rubber stamps. Democracy is being born and experiencing a difficult birth. Fortunately, the women are up to it.

Criminal Confederates

The prospect of acting with impunity and the promise of immunity are the glue that hold a confederacy together. That is true of the Catholic clergy and the torture practitioners in the CIA.