Electoral shenanigans are not a surprise

Creatures of habit do the same thing over and over. GWB was installed in 2000 by not counting all the ballots in Florida. Then it was a multi-sided kerfuffle that resulted from careless administration of elections goind back to the ’70s. The irony is that in the ’80s, Georgia was at the forefront of electoral reform to insure more accurate tallies.
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Telling tales

What is the likelihood that telling tales about wise men and prophets was part of the merchants’ spiel as they traversed the Mediterranean Sea from east to west? Jesus’ associates were fishermen with boats, but his familiarity with business practices is telling. Is monotheism the progenitor of authoritarianism?
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Compliance failure calls for the use of force.

Or is it that

“compliance failure calls forth the use of force.”

One could say “appliance failure calls for force.” Does that suggest compliance is the main attraction of an appliance? Following orders without question?

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Leaders are individuals whom others get behind and shove over the edge of the cliff.

Beware the “ships” that aren’t. Ownership, fellowship, professorship, partisanship, lectureship, apprenticeship, scholarship, censorship, worship, membership and hardship.

Desegregation in Maryland

I finally entered the right search topic in Google and found some historical evidence of what I experienced personally on our senior class trip in 1958.

As a school girl in the Bronx, I was, of course, familiar with the United Nations and considered that my multilingual talents would fit me for diplomatic work. A class trip to the nation’s capital was not to be missed. And never forgotten! Because, as we bussed down highway 40, it was explained that we would not be able to take a rest stop in Maryland on account of one of our classmates being dark complected. That was my introduction racial segregation in the USA of which I had had no clue. My reaction then was “well, that won’t last long, what with all the UN diplomats driving back and forth.”

I had no clue about CORE and in the years since I have noticed little effort to record how the change was brought about. A recent BBC report claims the events are little known.

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