How do I identify frivolity? As non-productive enterprise. A simulacrum. Simulation. Perhaps that is unfair since simulations are relied on to test predicted behavior. But exercising to simulate labor? That’s frivolity I scorn.

Conservative diction is often frivolous in the sense that it is inauthentic–does not means what it says.

So, what is the difference between frivolous and fake? Intent. Frivolity is like the wind stirring the leves. There are results, but no intent. The hallmark of the instinct-driven?

An unrealized consequence of social disregard

I had not realized before that populationw which are excluded from normal social participation “benefit” by having their misdemeanors largely ignored. What I am thinking about in particular is the number of women getting away with abusive behavior under the umbrella of second class citizenry.
Segregation promotes bad behavior, not only on the part of the segregators, but on the part of the segregated.
That had not occurred to me before. While I was aware of any number of women who behaved badly towards men, I did not realize their segregation had made it easy to be unaccountable. h/t to the spouse for letting me see that.

Egalitarian authoritarian

That’s a new word combination for me, but seems accurate. Authoritarians do not care whom they dominate; only that no-one escapes. Does that mean that egalitarian and totalitarian are in the same camp? Seems so.

Why is equality so different from quality?


We have gone from fathers killing sons (Abraham and Isaac) to brothers killing each other (Cain and Abel), to brothers selling each other into slavery (Joseph and his brothers) to an organized slave trade (Europe in Africa), to everyone working for slave wages, an abstraction that pretends to be freedom. Why? Because some humans have to be in charge of their own kind. Others are content to just have other species as pets.

Christianity is oppressive

In response to the question “does Christianity degrade women,” Google coughs up the observation that Paul recommended mutual subordination in “fear of Christ.” Apparently, “love one another,” did not appeal to the male in him. In either case, equality is not the boon it is made out to be.
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Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond good and evil lies the triumph of the idea over the knowledge provided by our experience of the material world. Plato tried to lay the blame on myopic vision, which activates late and relies on an unreliable quantum, light. Thus, the primacy of vision is both hubristic and bound to be wrong. I suppose pride can be blamed. When man confronts all of nature with all his senses, he is properly awed/humbled by the experience. Beyond good and evil is perverse, inconsistent with reality. Which is how Mother Teresa could insist “love hurts.”



Christianity is a plague. As a belief system, it is not inherently destructive. Which, of course, is also true of a viral organism like the corona. It is when it infects humans that it results in premature lethality. Christianity kills earlier than other forces (bacteria, gravity, toxins, etc) might determine. Christianity kills for an idea–that the idea of a supreme being is more important than organic existence. This supremacy of an idea is evidence of human hubris.
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Presumption of ignorance

Is the presumption of ignorance the other side of the coin of the presumption of innocence? To whom does the benefit of the doubt accrue? The doubter or the doubted? Is the presumption of innocence really an excuse to justify abuse? Is the sacrament of confession a recipe for perpetrating lies?
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