Offense and defense

It is said that the best defense is a good offense. However, it seems important that the offense is relevant to the enterprise at hand. Trump and his MAGA minions seem to specialize in being offensive as a sort of standard garb.

Remembering Koblenz

I think my father had in mind in 1957 that I should fall in love with Elmar Genevriere and agree to stay in Germany. As he drove us through the night, he turned off the dashboard lights for atmospherics. While Elmar was an admirable specimen, returning to Germany to live was beyond my imagining. Manhattan and the Bronx were my playground. Continue reading

Youtube on the weekend

Youtube is dredging up all kinds of strange videos.They are running out of fresh. So, I got to visit the Faroe Islands again where women are being imported as wives. Germany,on the other hand, is setting up food banks. Gas rationing limits the number of loaves of bread that can be baked. The elimination of household production in favor of consumerism was a really bad idea.

DBS= Dominance Behavioral System

I am not sure L can read the whole which starts with the assumption that dominance in mammals promotes reproductive success.

I was looking for evidence of a link between individuals having “daddy issues” responding or reacting to paternal over-reach, only to discover that “daddy issues” are mainly a female problem. At a minimum, male supremacy seems not to be a problem.

Trump seems to be a reincarnation of his father with his mother’s voice.


The press is in constant pre-disaster mode. But all that does is dull public awareness. It does have the benefit of not requiring accuracy and cheap production values. The 60th Anniversary of the march for jobs on Washington got very little coverage.

I wonder how long the effort to deny that the people govern will last. The myth of the leader provides focus and that satisfies.

The DOJ deference to the political calendar and position is really ill-conceived. That it was even formulated tells us the criminality was anticipated. What we’ve got is a Confederacy of Criminality in the Executive branch, which includes both the FBI and the CIA. Nixon was brought down by a third rafte burglary, not the bombing of Cambodia. Bush and Cheney escaped being accountable for Iraq to the International Court based on the premise that U.S. law is superior.

Donald’s mug

So tired of seeing Donald’s mug. How long did it take for ugly dolls to losse favor. Narcissus fell in love with hisimage. So, that’s a defining characteristic.