“Mission” is short for a triangulatory event, the result of subterfuge, an agenda designed to deny responsibility for agency. “Not my will, but thine be done.” The third party is, of course, the done to, the innocent victim. Is the innocence of the victim supposed to extend to the instigator and the perp, as well. Triangulation, embodied in the Trinity and formalized in Christianity to cancel the problem of free will and evil by substituting obedience. Obedience serves to cancel free will and without free will there can be no evil.
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Authoritarianism thrives on obedience, a virtue, until it runs into the survival instinct.
Of course, the response of the endemically fearful may be different. Perhaps obedience never enters into the equation. Perhaps imitation is as far as it goes.
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Rumsfeld Redux

The sound was of really poor quality when I compiled this eight years ago. So, I thought to reedit it a bit. Rumsfeld was, characteristically, verbally adept, even when he did not know what he was talking about. Many people died horribly and prematurely because he and his cohorts wanted to keep Russia and China out of the middle East.Jealousy is strange; it stakes a claim on things it does not even want.