Waiting for weather

We are still waiting for hurricane season to get going. We have been getting lots of rain overnight, but the winds have been lax in moving things atound. The differential between daytime and nightime temperatures seems inadequate.

Slumming on the internet

I admit it. I am slumming on the internet to avoid the main topics of the hour– the death of the British Queen and 9/11. The mewling is just too much to bear. So, I have watch an old bio oh Lee Harvey Oswald (2019), a report of the reversal of fortune in Ukraine, a gigantic sucker play, and most recently a recitation of Trump’s monetization of the presidency.

It was interesting to learn that we all droppedthe ball when Putin made his moves in 2014.


While professionals seem to recognize that there are both physical and psychological addictions, both are believed to be caused by substances ingested, inhaled or injected. And the distinguishing charaxteristics are to be found in the resulting behaviors or experiences. So, the cause s an external agent, or perhaps even an inherited henetic proclivity and the effect is used to identify the nature of the disorder. I wonder if retro-rationalization is area of academic interest.
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Supremacy vs. Democracy

In the U.S., if one is looking for unchallenged power, there is only one venue left where it is to be found. The temporary supremacy that was to be achieved by limiting the executive to two terms that are not likely to be terminated prematurely because of overreach (as evidenced by Nixon, the Bushes and Clinton) and the negation of the unitary executive by the SCOTUS decisions, makes the Department of Justice with its absolute immunity “it.”
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Christian Nationalism

A good summary, But I think it overlooks that the major impetus behind nationalism is patriotism and patriotism is a fancy term for male dominance.
I find it interesting that psychologists consider male dominance natural and consider toxic masculinity an aberration.

The Omission of Human Rights from the US Constitution

Was the single focus on property, its protection and productivity a necessity to insure consustency with the practice of ownng humans or was the separation of government from human interests just a continuation of the predominance of materialism? Was the commitment to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness just a throw-away sentiment from the start?

Material possessions as the mechanism of control. So ownership is like the harness on a horse. Take the bit and do what you are told. Ownership = control. Use = freedom. Which is better, to be owned or used?

Male hegemony vs. Jews

What about Jewish culture sets male hegemonists and nationalists off? The Nazis were obviously jealous of and wanting to acquire by theft the wealth Jews had earned with their social contributions, education and work. In a sense that is also what motivated the antagonism towards the descendants of Africans in the U.S. Somehow, that the whole continent was stolen from the natives gets overlooked.
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