Where are we at?

Desperation. The partisan political community is getting desperate. All the ploys relied on since the civil rights era to counter government by the people have failed to secure rule by an elite. Elites taking partisan turns to exercise autocracy failed to convince that the ad hoc divisions cobbled out of the detritus of various wars were legitimate. Ditto for the unitary executive. Now there is a last ditch effort to assert the supremacy of the presidency to defeat the popular vote.
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It is the nature of commodities that they do not satisfy any real need. Now, theat’s a puzzlement, but it does explain consumer behavior. Is “real need” to be contrasted with an imagined need? Neediness. Where does it come from?
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So, here we have an official judgement by the National Institutes of Health which relies on an expectation of effects (patient intent) to define a factual presentation. In other words, intent is presumed to be present even though we know that feigning disability is a natural behavior in organisms that have no cognitive ability at all. Does that tell us that cognition is considered so important that it has to be found everywhere when humans are considered?
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Yesterday it snowed in the Alps. Today in bright sun, the wind is blowing snow to help it evaporate. Guess it was not as heavy as it looked on the trees. The branches have all been freed.

The lowly preposition

How critical it is! Why is it even called? What does its location in an utterance (before an article and name of thing) have to do with its function (identifying the relationship between a thing and the universe)? Does the reference to position detract from the importance of the relationship between place and function? Or does it serve to ignore function ab initio. Form vs. function suggests an antagonistic stance. And form is clearly preferred by those who depend on superficial optics to define reality. Is it a given that those who fixate on what a thing is have little or no interest in what it does?
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Regarding the McMichael/Bryan Trial Jury

According to our paper, the jury+alternates is made up of four white men, eleven white women and one black person. While I personally think they are guilty of killing Arbery, the law’s requiring of intent is a problem. These three are dangerous, mainly because the do not think. Which does not mean they do not connive and plot and deceive. Instinct handles that. As a lawman pointed out, these guys are like the fellows who hunt from trucks along the highways, waiting to shoot what the dogs flush.
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Chopped Liver

How much longer is the press going to pretend the voters in elections are chopped liver and dollars plus candidates are determinative? In Virginia they hired newcomers. In Buffalo they preferred the old shoe. In Brunswick, Georgia, the City Commission is going to be three women and one tried and true male. Everywhere there was voter intimidation resulting in low turnout. Why participate when you are going to be dissed?