Noam Chomsky, still speaking


Chomsky gave up on linguistics because he discovered that language could not be broken down into syllables of sound that would have universal meaning, as economists had done in reducing material transactions to numerical values. Economics and linguistics are both referred to as social science, wrongly because neither is predictive and repeatable. Social systems are, like the weather, dynamic–infinitely variable, regardless of how much humans want things to stay the same.
“Student activism” is mostly a topic because the legislators of the civil rights era expected no change in the educational system where “in loco parentis” still reigned. That is, they expected the electorate to remain largely apathetic and follow the direction of the family’s head. Single mothers were decried.
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Democracy and Republic

These are two words from different Mediterranean languages which refer to the will of the dem or polis (people) directing the agents of governing. While it used to be common for educated persons to learn the foreign languages, that is no longer the case. So, even though the words refer to an identical political system, manipularors in the U.S. have succeeded in convincing many people that a republic is different superior, largely because it appeals to persons who value belonging to a superior group.
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Is being illogical intentional–designed to deceive and control?

Logic was one of the few courses I disliked in college. I suspect it was because it seemed so obvious. Did not realize until much later that there is nothing universal about it. Unfortunately, we waste a lot of time trying to make sense of illogical people. There must be REASON! But, there isn’t.


The word came to me in the night. I think it describes nicely what our instinct-driven authoritarians are about. Atmospherics are both visible and immaterial, creating fleeting impressions on observers, but having no substance–just like the authoritarian’s dicta. like words written on the wind. Here one minute; gone the next. Ephemeral but somehow constant, perhapsbecause the receptors are the same. If the receptors havenotbeen tuned to thrumming, it cannot be heard. If the sound of sirens induces fear, it cannot be ignored. Sound travels well through the atmosphere, though it does depend on the direction of the winf and the water content.

Musing on the demise of interlopers

The political parties (factions) and the press have no official role in the selection and hiring of public servants. So, they have insinuated themselves as inlluencers and the quality of the candidates they promote discredits them. Presidential electors, which are supposed to be chosen by state legislatures are actually, for the majority, designated by the extra-legal party conventions BEFORE the election is held. Which means that the scheme to substitute electors AFTER the 2020 election was doubly fraudulent. But, what it was was a last ditch effort to grab some authority for entities that are designed to be purely ministerial.

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Morning after.

The morning after the election is facing some delay. But, I want to point out that while the Murdock media empire is turning on trumpty Dumpty now, I dubbed him that in the spring of 2018. What makes the media so slow on the uptake? They have fallen into the habit of looking at history and predicting instead of focusing on day to day reality.
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