My House

When I look around my house I see walls and woodwork I painted, tile I laid, cupboards I refinished and hung in a new kitchen space. I see curtains I swed and rod brackets I fabricated; two little stained glass windows with no view and a window wall bringing the garden into the house. Soon I will leave it all and it will be unappreciated. My handiwork is my life.


Those towers were ugly; ruined the sky line and represented the city in countless media appearances as clueless and heartless. Besides, the attack on the World Trade Center was motivated by the fact that global trade is being used to exploit and subjugate large populations, including the U.S.’s own.
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Current Events

Many of our public servants, especially of the Republican persuasion, seem not to understand that the people govern. This failure can be partially explained by the fact that the people who issued the Constitution were a select group of white men who presumed to rule simply because they met little opposition from the majority of the population. Call it the “father knows best” principle which the colonies imported from British common law.

Then, after holding sway as tradition for almost two centuries, an extended period of war in the twentieth century suggested that perhaps male hegemony is not best and the female majority insisted on taking part in the civil sphere.
That is what is still being resisted on several levels, including under the umbrella of “woke.” But, it is too late. Minors are still classified as chattel even as they increasingly refuse to play the part. Every election cycle millions of young voters step up to govern, as is their right.

Leave it to the naive Ramaswamy to suggest changing the age of emancipation to 25.

The Republican argument for small government

is coming back to bite them on the ass. It is, of course, possible that all along, the emphasis on regulating and manipulating the general public was designed to enable agents of government to remain unruled, or, at least, ignore the clear directive, duties and obligations in the Constitution. So, it is not so much that agents acted above the law; they were just lawless and unchecked. Continue reading

On Immigrant Detention

Keep in mind that immigration policy is set by Congress. The executive is tasked with carrying it out as humanely as qpossible. The Constitution does not recognize migration as a natural right. For that matter, it recognizes no human rights. If human rights are recognized as natural, then categorizing some humans as property (like cattle) would be inconsistent. Are parental rights a remnant of slavery, or the antecedent?


Michael Chen made clear in his analysis of Donald Trump, his former employer, that Trump spoke in code, never stating directly what was wanted. It occurs to me that is a fundamental Republican characteristic. They dissemble. It’s a protective strategy. Primitive.

False attribution of agency

The false attribution of agency is more than alogical flaw. It is the very foundation of the lie, the impulse to shirk responsibility and to indulge a lazy streak. Is it designed to negate free will? I don’t think so. It does serve to shift responsibility, but it may be prompted by nothing more than an inclination not to pay attention. In that case, the agressive rejection of “woke” seems telling.

And why is hyper awareness referred to as an attention deficit disorder?