Commerce Über Alles

That is what propels the gun trade. Why is it so tenacious? Commerce is really a secular version of christianity. How does it differ from simple trade? There is an element of immaterial (spiritual?) value. Does this mythical value somehow compensate for the personal deficit? Do people go shopping to compensate for feeling denigrated and worthless?

Toilet Paper USA

I am not sure where the USA fixation with toilet paper comes from. Why is draping it through trees and bushes considered a clever trick? Now it seems organizing people who think on that level is the authoritarian forte. The adults haranguing the Turning Point youth ought to be ashamed of themselves. Pedophiles, abusing the minds of youth rather than their nether regions.
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So, ownership is derived from the Bible and posits that what the Lord created, He owns. How that translates into people being owned is not clear. Perhaps the acquisition by theft was just legalized. The Dutch, who had declared slavery illegal were able to declare an exception from the acquisition of freedom if individual slaves tarried much longer than a set period of time.
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Perfidy of the Press

I think that is a good word. “Perfidy.” The press has violated its privileged status as an enterprise that is not subject to public direction by our agents–privilege that as based on the presumption of probity; that reporting would be honest. Instead, almost from the beginning, the press, aligned with various factions, has aimed to exert influence by pitting interests against each other. And sometimes, if the present is not peculiar, the press has actually invented the conflict, like a picador agitating the bull.
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Owls after cats?

I am actually inclined to think that Joshua’s cats were getting old and had a sense of their demise.

Tiger, the NH house cat, hung around for years and then disappeared, He clearly pined for his NH home during his year in Florida and stayed near the car until we took him back. Did Josh’s cats head back to Gainesille? i sort of doubt it

The Gunstock resort story

A revelation.

Well, that’s an eye opener. I had always thought that businesses plan to fail to gather up personal profits and go home. This makes me think that a successful enterprise generating its own capital improvements is perceived as a threat by the mavens of commerce, the financiers. Our county in Georgia is a perpetual failure in the sense that it keeps collecting taxes that flow to the financiers, rather than being spent in and for the community. I had not really thought of state and local governments serving as collection agents for banks.
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I am really tempted to delete all my videos from Youtube. I don’t think electronic media have much of a future. They’re a fad, like the hoola hoop. I only hesitate because it will take a lot of time.