Democrats are Dishonest

Democrats are sending out misleading messages about the budget proposals put out by the White House. Congress appropriates dollars and what Congress approves is NEVER THE SAME as what the executive branch suggests. But “balanced budget” has a nice alliterative ring which Democrats have been pushing for no good reason.
A budget is a spending plan — absolutely worthless if there is no currency to spend.
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The evolution of “predator”

I have been using the word “predator” as a descriptor of human beings since 2006 on this blog and not just in connection with predatory lending, which is a long-standing problem. I seem to recall some adverse reaction when the Pentagon dubbed one of its new drones targeting Iraqis with missiles “Predator,” a companion to the “Raptor” without, apparently recognizing that humans killing people by remote control is doubly reprehensible. And not at all what natural predators looking for a meal do.
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Wherefore the Poobahs?

Before the passage of the Civil Rights acts and the expansion of the franchise to all adults, there was little civic involvement by the majority of the people and the ruling elites pretty much had their way. The gradual growth of true democracy has not been welcome, either by the elected or appointed office holders, who perceive themselves as poobahs, rather than public servants. So, the appointed cadre, under the auspices of “professionalization” has evolved to handle community affairs out of the sight of public eyes. Republicans actually had a valid point when they railed against the unelected bureaucracy, but that railing stopped when their people got elected and could participate in the secrecy–secrecy which is being sold to the public as privacy. As in, “we don’t reveal who the child abusers are to protect the privacy of their victims.”

Sea Island Seaside Golf Course on St. Simons Sound

The Georgia Coast, home to the Marshes of Glynn, the Golden Isles and the Mighty Altamaha, is world-renowned for its natural beauty and welcomes guests from around the globe. This coming weekend, St. Simons Island will host the RSM Golf Tournament on the Seaside course. However, unspoiled nature is increasingly difficult to find. The landscrapers can’t leave well enough alone as can be seen in these before and after pictures of the old fish camp on Cannon’s Point.

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