Vegetation Report

Both individual Lanatana bushes and Groundsels have variable deveopment schedules. The Lantana on the side of the road still has blossoms, while the one in the yard, a mere fifteen feet away is all done for the year. Then, further along the street, two Groundsels that have recententl grown large on the bank of the pond are also at different stages of development. One is in full flower, while the other is all spent and dropping seed. The fillaments that look to give them wing, are all shrivled and dried up.
Birds are still coming to the feeder, but sporadically. Looks like fall migration is slowing down.


It seems the addiction to history serves as an alternative to compensate for the disregard and disrespect routinely visited on the person. “Respect me for who my ancestors were/are.”

Why can personal properties not be recognized as property rights? Ahmaud Arbery’s right to walk the earth was challenged, as was Tamir Rice’s. The right to walk the earth is the very essence of liberty; as breath is the essence of life.

Abiding fictions

That men love/respect women.

That banks issue currency.

That parents love children

That sacrifice is worthy of praise.

That the law is just.

That the rule of law is impartial.

That patriotism is good.

That love and liberty are consistent.

Got booster

There was a good crowd. The billboard by the Causeway announced that shots are available today from 8-3. It’s a Republican billboard so maybe a lot of people figured it would be OK. Lots of people were filling out forms as first-timers. Having to make appointments may have put people off.

Free Will Baptist Church

Dubs itself a “bitter place” in our community. Perhaps that is accidentally honest, a misspelling, but I am inclined to agree that most organized Christian religious sects sem to be about distress. Misery-mongers. They are not looking for contented, happy people. Which may account for why nationally church membership is shrinking. We just might be running our of disaffected people who are looking for religion as an antidote to the misery promoted by the patriarchy.
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Parasitic and predatory

Is there a practical purpose for the persistence of parasitism and predation in the human genome or is it an incidental unanticipated consequence of the interaction of intellect and instinct? Pope Francis has identified abstraction as a culprit. When instinct is transformed into idea, does it become disconnected from morality? Money, an abstraction, is not itself evil or even the root. Rather, money makes it possible to ignore/overlook reality.
Currency is a figment of the imagination. Imagination is oblivious of reality and descends into frivolity. Intellect is blinded by self-importance. Or a lack thereof.
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