On Currency

What the states and local governments are missing is not labor or materials, but currency. Currency is a utility. Depriving states of a necessary supply by rationing the distribution and rewarding hoarders is like expecting people to work in the dark.
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A new month

Perhaps some blessed relief from the constant plaint for dollars from some campaign or other. These artificial deadlines they claim are really annoying. Only slightly less annoying are the thank yous for things I did not do. At least Biden has a reason to communicate. I sent the campaign money so all these communicants can be paid.

Talk about pathetic

Team Trump
Despite all the time that the Left-Wing MOB wastes trying to smear President Trump and the great work he is doing, he is still putting America First with every decision that he makes.
The President knows the Do-Nothing Democrats and the Fake News media won’t ever tell the facts about him and his administration, and that’s why he wants to know what a few respected Republican leaders, like YOU, think.
Please take the Official May Job Approval Poll before 11:59 PM TONIGHT to tell President Trump what you think.


Why is it that the bureaucratic instinct is to cover up?
Minneapolis has a Chief’s Citizens Advisory Council. Yesterday, Google indexed the page and it was accessible. Today there is a notice that the computer has to be checked for five seconds before the site can be accessed. After much more than five seconds, the browser times out and announces an error.
I have taken screen grabs and added them to copies of what used to be abvailable to the public.
Are the powers that be embarrassed about having had only two non-public meetings in three years?
Are they sorry to have published the names and contact information for 32 people whose time was wasted for no good reason? They should be.
Where, by the way, is Chief Arredondo? I doubt the Mayor is responsible for this mess.
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This is not a “win.”

Public servants, such as Georgia’s Secretary of State, Raffensperger, have no business claiming a win in a challenge by citizens to their performance. That the challenge had to be beought is already evidence of unsatisfactory performance. That a judge “bought” the bureaucracy’s rationale for non-compliance is evidence of nothing.

However, Raffensperger’s “take” is worth dissecting.
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Funny that the habit prone do not appreciate the benfits and efficacies of habitual behavior. I suppose a lack of awareness is to blame. Like the instinct-driven, creatures of habit are unaware of the source or purpose of their behavior. Clueless.