Dovecote Restaurant in Orlando

For fine French cuisine, but don’t take too long eating ’cause they’ll call the cops on you.
Well, probably only if your skin color is too tan…..
What I’d like to see is the incident report filed by the three cops who carried out the eviction.

Original thought of the day

Perhaps the attacks on the vote results was not about the results, but about the voting systems that precluded manipulation and cheating. We need to always remember that with the insntinct-driven, it is never what they claim to be about. For example, “right to life” is not about “live and let live;” it’s about getting women to go back to bearing children and taking care of the household for no charge. Or, for not getting beaten up on a regular basis. The domination of women sort of fell through the cracks because the abuse of black people was worse and blatant.

Early Concession

Donald Trump has recently made an issue of time at which the vote counting was complete in 2020. Or rather, he has falsely asserted that Hillary Clinton challenged the results in 2016 when, in fact, she made a gracious concession speech the morning of November 9. Why is he doing that? What truth is he trying to distract from?
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Medical Regimen

The medical professions have adopted a regimen of routine and recurring visits and check-ups to insure a steady income stream. At the sme time, they have broken the profession into specialties which involve patients in a web of “services.” Again, the object is to increase and spread income around.
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The Stool of Impotence

It has three legs, commonly known as church, press and political faction. While the champions of the U.S. Constitution natter about “freedom” of religion, the press and propaganda, as I have observed before, one man’s prohibition is not another’s entitlement. The First Amendment prohibits governmental interference with belief, speech and propaganda. But, the ultimate effect is that establishments of religion, the press and power mavens are excluded from holding a significant position in governing. All of their efforts are extra-legal, dependent, you might say, on gentle persuasion.
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For the record, there is no privacy or security on the electronic highway. That being the case, all offers to guarantee privacy are a scam. And it’s not just because the electron is unreliable. Any entity that is subject to the influence of magnetic forces is bound to be vulnerable.
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Barry Shore

Upon a recommendation, I familiarized myself with Barry Shore, a guru pushing joy. Having overcome various viscisitudes, Shore is now convinced that the power of positive thinking pulled him through. But, He’s a Trumpist because he distrusts “the government” without realizing that government by the people is, at best, nascent. But then, he thought California the land of freedom, when he moved there in 1975.
Shore is obviously a born salesman. So there is a lot of hype.