Fawning self-enhancers

That seems a bit too complicated or formal to describe those who subordinate themselves to bask in reflected celebrity. I suspect Republicans flatter themselves that there is a fanbase. Poor Donald’s minions sport the affect of a murder of crows.

Revenge and Reciprocity

Poor Donald is quoted as saying that all he knows is revenge. This leads me to wonder if revenge is merely the obverse of reciprocity. If someone only experiences injury, what does he give back but revenge? Reciprocal negativity. How does perverse perception come about?

That he threw stones at a baby in a playpen and yelled “Make the baby cry,” is just too monstrous. He must have been damaged at birth.

States’ Rights

States’ Rights is not actually an assertion of individual states’ claim of autonomy vis a vis the federal corporation. Rather, it is an assertion of governmental agency authority over the people whose consent imposes ongoing subordination of their agents. Government by the people is the principle various factions seek to reject.
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Shadow, Underground, Informal

Economists are clearly trying to find a name for activities that function like their metier but escape their detection. I suppose one reason they are having trouble settling on a description is because the agents actively resist capture and calculation. People engaging in unmonitored trade and exchange of goods and services are like a herd of wild horses not wanting to be rounded up.
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Then and now

When I was very little, my assignment was to let the hen with chicks out of the coop where they had spent the night. It was a bit daunting because the anxious hen would fly at the door in anticipation of being released. So, the opening of the screen door had to be timed to avoid a collision with the bird at eye-level.
Now, in my old age, I go out to fill the feeder with bird seed and strew fish food on the pond for the waiting snapping turtle. I wish he’d develop a taste for the Mexican water lilies clogging the center of the pond. Whatever devoured the white ones does not seem to like the yellow.


The U.S. thrives on self-promotion; expects it. Not to promote oneself is considered….what? Snobbish?

What’s the point? To compensate for the fact that an ordinary person can expect to just be ignored?

Being ignored suits me just fine. But I suspect that’s not a recipe for a viable community.