Chelyndra serpentina

Chelyndra serpentina is the name for the common snapping turtle. There seem to be two in our pond. It is hard to tell under water, but one in our pond looks to be about 14″ long with a 10″ tail and a head that is the size of an adult fist. The head extended to evaluate the floating fish food did look like a snake with its pointed snout. These are fesh-water creatures but sometimes visit brackish ponds so that may be how they got here. When we put out the chicken carcas, I took a chair to sit still and see if I can capture some pictures.


Megalomania is considered by some psychiatrists as heightened narcissism but, it is claimed, it has fallen out of favor as a diagnosis. Is somehow associated with a super ego and an omnipotent father? What I want to know is, if psychiatrists are of medical (physical substances) intervention being effective, why do they not posit a physical cause for the peculiar behaviors? Is that another example of the primacy of ideology — thinking is more important than physical reality?
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Media adjustment

So, after trying and failing to negotiate a new protocol that Verizon wanted to spring on its month-to-month customers, I let the account lapse in July. Turned it on just to see what would happen today. Tried to make a phone call. Immediately, I got connected to Verizon, which provided a sort of apology and then managed to process my payment to reactivate the phone in about five steps. Last month they tried to tell me they would no longer accept credit card payments online. Blamed it on the virus. LOL