Friday the 13th

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I would prefer to go to trial and see no reason why I should pay court costs resulting from an arrest based on false accusations. What say you?


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Great Afternoon Julian!

I have convinced the solicitor that she has a difficult case. Therefore, the solicitor wants to dismiss your case upon payment of $300 court costs.

What say you?

Have a blessed and highly favored day!

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Do we need to get together to discuss the Calendar Call and Motions Hearing (if any) related to the charges of Criminal Trespass brought against me? For instance, is there any chance the prosecutor will attempt to dismiss the charges?


Draft LTEs, a compendium

The Brunswick News is rather more selective than the New York Times. The paper prominently features a request for letters but doesn’t publish them on but a couple of days a week out of the six. So, I’ll post them here.
Addendum: The Brunswick News has revised its letters policy and has been publishing many more, including mine. (06-18-16)

Two back-to-back presentations by a Dr. Wickersham and Sheriff Jump to the Glynn County Commission on Tuesday made that pretty clear.
Wickersham’s Health Needs Assessment brought forward as evidence that half our children live in single-parent homes, an almost certain predicate for poverty conditions, a hundred and fifty of them a year suffer serious abuse or neglect and, while car crashes and fatalities are decreasing, injuries are way more than in the rest of the country.
Glynn also has some of the worst air, an inordinate number of prescriptions for controlled substances (1.29 for each of our 81,000 residents), and double the violent crime rate in the rest of the state (800 per 100,000 people). Not to mention 155 registered sex offenders having to be tracked. So, the Sheriff has reason to ask for nine more detention personnel to staff his new jail, a facility that’s three times as large as the present one. And who’s to argue with the assertion that 173 violent incidents a year (one every two days) have to be contained, or that the prisoners aren’t entitled to the services of a doctor, a dentist, a psychiatrist and 24 hour nursing that, because of the community’s sense of penury, they can’t get outside.
Half the population not being seen by a doctor in two years and Medicaid dollars being refused are not going to negate the effect of 14 hazardous waste sites and 1.3 million pounds of toxic chemicals being spewed. There are reasons Glynn people are unhealthy and dying off prematurely.

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SNAP, etc

Sidney Lanier says:
Sidney Lanier SNAP is a subsidy program for food producers and distributors. A regular subsidy to individual households, as Switzerland is proposing and as both Nixon and McGovern supported in the ’72 election, would be more equitable and efficient. But, that would violare the fundamental prejudice that people have no money because they do not know how to manage it. Which of course is contrary to the reality that all dollars come out of the U.S. Treasury and, if people have none, it is because they were given none from the public purse and have not been clever enough to steal some. See, the problem with paper and electronic dollars is that they are inedible, undrinkable, unwearable and non-protective. Indeed, unlike the gold and silver, of which they used to be made, they cannot even be turned into artifacts or baubles which someone might value more. A cross of gold would be more useful than a pallet of Benjamins. Personally, I think anyone with an eleemosynary impulse should start carrying some Benjamins and hand them out more or less at random to people who will spend them and prime the economic pump. The dollar’s current has been slowing since about 1991. See that graph?

Deadbeats of Glynn

Here in Glynn County we are surrounded by dead beats–near 7000 water and sewer account holders who can’t pay their bills on time. As a result, our public sanitation utility is owed over three million dollars that are not available for upkeep and repair.
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I am slow.

I am slow. Sometimes it takes me years to puzzle something out, especially when, on its face, that something is illogical. So it is with the question of how and why Dune Lane on Sea Island, the Yacht Club on St. Simons and now a development identified as Pleasant Grove off South Harrington Road came to be. How, without proper review by the Islands Planning Commission and an opportunity for public input, were the roads and utility lines installed and house lots defined BEFORE the subdivision was even approved?
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