Our political slush fund


As I have been arguing for years, we can fund the hiring of public servants ourselves. And this money is not even part of the two trillion underground because lotto dollars are fully accounted for by the taxing authorities.

In short, the only problem we have is poor distribution. It is the same problem which leads to one third of food production going to waste. Bad management.

It is the problem exemplified by the pediatrician’s advice to let a baby cry 20 minutes before each feeding to teach it obedience.

“The People, who govern”

Since the advent of universal suffrage and the effective termination of involuntary servitude, aka military draft, the only branch of the federal corporation whose agents are threatened with the loss of their hijacked power is the Congress. From the perspective of Capitol Hill, the swelling electorate, the herd, is a threat to their claim to dominion.

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Where’s the beef?

The beef is with all the females who are resistant to behaving like welcoming doormats or lap rugs as depicted here. There do not seem to be any comparable praise rugs for wives.