Morning Musings

Marketing is a crass form of propaganda, ungentle persuasion to promote something detrimental, disguised exploitation of which the scam is the most obvious version. The object? To exert power unnoticed and avoid retaliation. Getting away with evil. That’s the ticket. We are fascinates. Why are innocents targeted?
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Regarding AT&T

If you are having problems with moving existing AT&T email accounts to new devices, it may be because, after partnering with Yahoo, AT&T has now hooked up with Verizon. So, while you can collect mail on a web site, where they subject you to advertisements rather relentlessly, IOS (iphone and ipad) configurations are repeatedly rejected as “incorrect.” Ignore them.
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Stone, Manafort and Trump

They are not a reincarnation of the Nixon gang. They never went away. Over five decades, half a century, their modus operandi has been consistent. Crooked manipulators of the world of finance where Nixon got outed for something he did not do and then Trump suffered the same fate, for the same reason: bad service by underlings. Normally, being crooked in the world of finance leaves one with clean hands. One does not pick locks to burgle offices or precede a stroll to church with pepper spray. The official report on the Park Service assault on citizens at the White House is telling and not really a surprise. Donald Trump was poorly served. That is what happens to crooks.


“Time is of the essence” is a well known quote and accurate. But what does it mean? The significance of time varies. For example, when households were in need of currency to compensate the providers of their necessities, currency was able to be distributed rather quickly through established channels manned by the Social Security Administration and unemployment registries. The banks, meanwhile, the normal distributors of currency for commercial activities took nine months to distribute $42 Billion of the $500 billion they were allocated.
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Equality in treatment is required of public servants delivering service to natural persons. I suppose that is a difficult concepts for individuals who do not perceive functions, only the individuals to be served. That is a problem because individuals are, by definition, unique and may even expect to be uniquely served. While there is an obvious, although not well recognized, conflict between individuals who want their environment, including other people, to stand still while they move around, there may be another conflict in the difference between the obligations of the public servant and the expectations of the recipient of services.

Strange locutions

What do they tell us about the speaker? What does it mean when someone says “I am finally going to get my surgery?” Acquisition and possession. Is that the beginning and the end of some people’s existence? What about “I don’t get it” as an expression of not understanding? Is ‘get’ a catch-all? What are the many meanings of ‘get’?
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TO REGULATE means to make regular. It is not a synonym for EXCLUDE, PROHIBIT, PREVENT, OUTLAW or REDUCE.
REGULAR is presumed to be good because it is predictable, not surprising. Surprises, even good ones, are often not welcome because they make people feel stupid.
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