On Lying

What if lying, the denial of reality, is just a self-protective defensive response to psychological abuse? If so, then the intent is not to deceive, but to protect.

That might explain Sarah Sanders. Perceiving herself to be in enemy territory, she lies. If so, I would argue that habit did not just suddenly develop in the White House. Rather, she brought it with her from home and it has enabled her to persist in an environment others would not condone.

Stepford Daughters all have that same lifeless expression. For that matter, Jared Kushner has it too.


Being that money is worthless, how much time does it take to turn it into something of real value, usefulness? If it takes an hour of labor to spend fifteen dollars, how long does it take to spend a million?
A new way of looking at money.

On the tradewinds industrial park site

My comment to the Brunswick News story.

Let me start by admitting I have lately decided that “developer” is actually a euphemism for “destroyer.” Developers destroy the natural environment or raze the built environment; developers do not build. At best they speculate and put out fancy brochures about what other people should build.
The picture illustrating this story is characteristic–the soon-to-be-replaced director/president wearing sun glasses to account for why he does not see too well and missed that piece of rotted tire at the head of his road to nowhere. It was there last week when I took pictures of the clear-cut site growing up into scrub to illustrate another example of our local governmental agencies wantonly destroying the maritime forest, while they maunder over a few oaks on St. Simons. The BWKEDA and the Airport Commission, with the blessing of the BWKEDA, to whom the Airport Commission reports, have together removed a thousand acres of the canopy on which we depend for temperature amelioration, water diversion and retention, transpiration, carbon removal and oxygen creation. And for what purpose? To subsidize the operations of a few agencies whose dabbling in real estate gives them a thrill because they get to do it in secret. Not that our watchdogs in the press are paying much attention anyway. Baxter’s Swan Song seems designed to make up for the BN having paid scant attention for too long.
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Glynn County Comp Plan Kerfuffle

Let me see if I have got this straight. The State of Georgia has set up regional planning commissions since 1964 and each County is entitled to send representatives and to access services. One of the services on offer is assistance with the development of plans for land use, zoning and transportation. But, for some reason, Glynn County opted to hire an independent consultant to update the comprehensive land use plan and the work product of that consultant just happens to be totally inadequate and fraught with blatant errors, such as designating the second largest port facilities in the state as marshland.

These errors could not be corrected because the County Commission was in a big ass hurry to forward the plan to the Coastal Regional Commission for review, which it voted on July 19 to do. Now, two weeks later, without taking a vote to rescind the prior resolution, they are proposing to adopt a revised resolution on grounds that the Coastal Regional Commission might be biased BECAUSE ITS STAFF DID NOT GET THE CONTRACT TO REVISE THE PLAN.

Strikes me as a perfect way to antagonize all the other counties in the region. Regardless, I would think that to be legal, the first resolution has to be rescinded.
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Thoughts on Richard Nixon

Current events are resurrecting memories of Richard Nixon and prompt me to reiterate that, after he was re-elected, he had to be removed, so the plumbers set him up with a botched burglary. At whose behest? That I do not know, but Nixon had already been an agent of disaster — the abandonment of the gold standard, the cessation of the military draft, and the admission of teens to the electorate — that the powers that be just coukd nit take anymore. Nixon’s support for the guaranteed family income was likely the last straw. While McGovern had also supported the concept, if McGovern had been elected, it was unlikely he coukd get the legislation passed. Nixon’s track record spelled disaster. So they engineered his replacement by Gerald Ford.

Who? I don’t know, but perhaps Goldwater had something to do with it.

An Immoral Proposal


Dear Commissioners:

On your agenda this evening is the public hearing on ZM3785, the application from RLF Kingsland Properties, LLC, for a “Minor Revision to Amend an Existing PD”. That supposedly minor revision, if approved by you, may result in what the applicants describe as between 75 and 200 dump trucks a day coming and going to haul away sand and dirt for up to eight years.
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New word needed

I need a new word for certificates of debt or IOUs. Arrogating CD for certificate of deposit was clever. Many people are averse to debt, so it is best not to talk about it. It used to be that “money” was tabu. But, that word has now been rehabilitated, in part because the word says nothing about the nature of what it references. A quantified debt. How can that be characterized to convey both the relationship and its dimension?

Directional clues

Using a directional descriptor (left, right, east, west, up, down) for a moral or philosophical belief system suggests an inability to understand the difference betwwen a symbol and the thing it represents. Direction is a physical reality related to movement from a fixed point. Most dogs seem to have a sense of direction, which is how they find their way home. Many humans don’t. Their use of directional references willy nilly tells us that. Moreover, it suggests that an individual lacking a full complement of the normal senses (order, sequence, time, distance, weight, magnitude, place, in addition to direction) does not merit much attention. Why would one follow a guide who does not know where he is going? Adopting an idiot’s mislabling of reality does not make him smarter, much as babling to a baby does not teach him to speak.