Georgia jurors share some tidbits

I like to think that the tardy response to a complaint against the spouse for visiting a polling place other than his own was a sort of dry run. I do not even remembe the year. only that the complaint and the “opportunity” to settle the matter by paying a modest fine came about two years after the election. So, three years for a massive case is not unreasonable.
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Donald, the male hegemonist supreme

Nationalists are just male hegemonists who have substituted a secular immaterial concept for an immaterial deity. ‘Tis all a male fantasy.

But, unlike the original savior, this one is running scared as the end draws nigh.

Murdaugh to appeal

Well, duh. I would note that his shirts are an issue and have prompted the creation of Alex T-shirts for sale. What I am fairly sure of is that the white shirt he was wearing when the police first arrived was not the striped shirt he was wearing when he was interviewed in the squad car. Neither is the same as the one in the video recorded by Paul, which was a solid blue button-down.
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Very unusual for Georgia. We had a couple of days in the eighties and then, last night, had to put an extra blanket back on. Otherwise, waiting for indictments. Wonder how the law and order folk will react.
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Indictment on the horizon?

Poor Donald has been invited to meet the NY grand jury by Alvin Bragg. Michael Cohen is out to get revenge. Besides, prosecutors have suddenly discovered their reputation with citizens needs burnishing. Alex Murdaugh did not just get convicted because he murdered wife and son. The community was tired of being abused. Autonomous prosecutors have been key to the perversion of justice.