Money and the law

Money and the law are both figments of the imagination which, in combination, effect the subordination of human beings and render them compliant without them noticing the source of the constraints holding them in chains.
Money and the law are utilitarian inventions designed to facilitate transactions and human interactions. But, as is true with all other tools, money and the law are liable to being abused.
”Rule of law” is a deceptive phrase. It not only suggests, in being presented as a positive, that justice and law are synonymous, but that it is a given that human beings are to be ruled. Thus, the rule of law is actually a perversion of the principles on which the Constitution is based— that the natural person’s behavior is inherently good (principle of probity) and that those to whom powers are assigned are to be strictly controlled.
That is, all of the duties, obligations and prohibitions outlined in the Constitution are addressed to agents of government and it is their subservience to law and order that is currently being tested.

Illiterati, illuminati, elite

So, 30% of U.S. adults are functionally illiterate. That is, they can decipher words, but they do not know what, taken together, they mean. How do they get along? They hear and repeat what other people say. They rely on mimicr, not to make sport of people, but to be in tune. Speech is the key to their continued existence. They need it to extort sustenance for themselves. They congregate in groups dedicated to “conversation.” Why would we be surprised that they have found a home in legislative bodies where “all talk, no action” is par for the course? Continue reading

Money and Machine

By converting all process into monetary or numerical terms (to make them easier to track?) we, quite inadvertently, remove the moral factor. Quantity substitutes for quality. That’s not the intent, but, in the larger scheme of things, is a welcome unintended consequence. Many humans welcome any opportunity to avoid responsibility for their actions. Money serves as a useful scapegoat.
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Ukraine Conspiracy

Sondland: Bill, I believe you are incorrect about President Trump’s intentions. The President has been crystal clear no quid pro quo’s of any kind. The President is trying to evaluate whether Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that President Zelensky promised during his campaign.

Note that Gordon Sondland, OUR Ambassador to the European Union, is focused on Trump’s “intentions,” which are unknowable, and an effort to evaluate something that has not yet happened (“is …going to adopt …reforms …promised”), which is impossible.
Of course, if things are unknowable and impossible, there is nothing to hold anyone to account for.
Which is one reason intentions are eminently preferable to acts and the road to hell is paved with them.
That OUR Ambassador is providing cover for Trump tells us the failure to respect the Constitution runs deep.

P.S. “Bill” is William Taylor, OUR chief representative in Ukraine.

Trump, probably because he does not consider spoken words to be acts, just came right out and asked for a “favor.” Then, the transcript of the conversation was hidden away in a super-secret computer system. Perhaps not even on Trump’s direction. Rather, personnel knowing wrong was going on tried to cover it up.
Volker ripped the covers off.
Why has Trump been attacking the “swamp” and the “deep state”? I suppose Republican regulars identified the civil service as an impediment and so he determined to intimidate them up front. Preemptive action. That’s the ticket. It just does not work.

Medico update

The spouse had a quarter-sized carcinoma removed from his sternum after having been handed over to another dermatologist.
I think they do that to increase their revenue stream.
I was able to go along. Good thing we started out early because when we got in the Matrix, it refused to start. Bad starter?

I have been taking my five pills. No real shortness of breath today. Targeting fluid retention seems worth while. The diuretic only seems to work overnight.
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Exec summary:

Just got home and am having an avocado. The cardio guy says there are two leaking valves and one dead zone where I probably had a heart attack in the past. He wants to do a valve job; we settled on five prescriptions (beta blocker, water pill, heart strengthener and blood thinner that requires regular testing. I told him I’d had A-fib in the past; he wanted to know how did I know; was it diagnosed? So, after another EKG and an electrosound (like having a baby checked), he was able to tell me that the A-fib was on-going. The young tech who was doing the tests seemed to get a kick out of the confrontation. I asked him if he has DO NOT RESUSCITATE cards handy. He said that should be included in my power of attorney for health care. Which won’t do me much good, if I’m picked up by EMTs. I did put your name as a contact into Dr. Certain’s.
I have promised to have the grass at Cate Street cut by someone else, a victory for the puddy.
Finally, the good doctor said the prescriptions could probably be got at Walmart for four dollars each. I told him we do not patronize Walmart. LOL
The non-specialist Dr. Snow figured I could go 10-15 years with some pills. LOL

FUROSEMIDE to get rid of fluids -2