The purpose of borders is not to keep people safe. Borders do not prevent injury and death.

Borders are a bureaucratic convenience. By defining the area for which the public servants of a particular district or jurisdiction are responsible, borders minimize confusion and duplication. That is all.
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Re: Ligon and the Duncan Dunces

Dear Senator Ligon,

As the spouse of a person who has restored 12 residences and built two from scratch, I resent the suggestion that either of us is opposed to development.

What I am opposed to is shoddy development: septic tanks that pop out of the ground because the water table is too high, houses built over fill in a swamp, the designation of a former landfill as a residential site and neighborhoods that are flooded every time it rains.

What I am opposed to is public officials who do not know what “health and safety” means, who eliminate purposes clauses from regulations because they prove inconvenient and who propose legislation that serves no practical purpose.

Your support for HB 445 suggests all of the above. Will it make a difference? Not hardly. The Coastal Resources Division of the DNR is a joke. It was ineffectual before and will be even more ineffectual now.

So, yes, Senator Ligon, you are wrong on several counts, largely, I suspect, because you do not know what you are talking about.


Monica Smith, founder

Sidney Lanier Environmental Advocacy Team

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The only people worried about being superior or supreme are people with an inferiority complex for which they feel a need to compensate. Talented people with a full set of practical skills do not have to puff themselves up.
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Incompetence syndrome

Incompetence syndrome is being equated with the Dunning Kruger effect, which posits that incompetent people do not recognize their own incompetence. Others argue that it is not peculiar or evidence of a disease. I’d agree with the latter, since my hypothesis suggests that there is a linkage problem between the limbic brain and the cognitive centers, a break that happens to be masked by the fact that speech is lodged in the limbic brain. Ergo, it is totally possible for humans to communicate in the language they already heard in utero and go through life mimicking the sounds around them without giving the content of their speech hardly any thought.

If there is a missing link, it is not likely to get fixed.

Is the inability to think connected to not learning another language?