New Vehicle Sales

I have been struck by the ad from the local KIA dealer offering two new cars for the price of one monthly payment. It seemed to confirm the occasionally mentioned reduction in vehicle sales, especially to the young, for whom a driver’s license is no longer the entree to adulthood it used to be. Now a dealership is trying to get attention by giving a vehicle away.
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Cultivating Inferiority

The culture of obedience seems to have a partner that is cultivating inferiority. Perhaps the two go together. Once they are convinced they are inferior, people are easier to dominate.

However, because feeling inferior is psychologically and practically debilitating, the suppressed strive to overcome the impediments placed in their way. In other words, instead of just exercising their talents, they aim for superiority to compensate. And in that context, equality presents a threat. How can they overcome their inferiority, if they can’t strive to be superior?

If that’s the pattern, where does it come from? Heritage and habit?

Don the Destroyer

Perhaps it was an inevitable conclusion, once I determined that “develop” is really a euphemism for “destroy,” that the designation of the developer in the White House would devolve into “Don the Destroyer.” The resemblance to Vlad the Vandal is unmistakeable. The euphemisms just helped deceive us.
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On Equality

“If they want to be equal, let them be equally deprived.” That’s the conservative response to the demand for equal rights.

Equality is a threat to people striving to escape their incompetence.

Ritual subordination

So, the purpose of ritualistic prayers and pledges at the start of public meetings is nothing more than an exercise in subordination. Pledging allegiance to a rag seems innocuous enough but, in effect, it is an example of a symbol disguising a fact. Public officials ought not to be determining when and about what the public can speak.

Is it worth going to court? Will have to think on that.

What is it? Sweetbay Magnolia

Last year I thought it was a shrub, but it turns out a smallish tree had been cut near the ground and sprouted a bunch of branches whose cream colored flowers I can’t identify. Now it turns out there are two twelve foot trees of the same plant growing near the house. So, it is definitely a tree with evergreen leaves and a smooth grey bark. I expect that today the first flower will have opened.

James Holland suggests it’s a sweetbay magnolia and pics on Google seem to agree. Still waiting for the first flower to open.

Not my brother’s keeper.

Since I had no siblings, how siblings relate to each other has always been a sort of puzzlement. My mother had a much younger brother by another mother, whom she claimed to have loved as her own. But he died young, before I, a replacement, was born. So, his existence in memory was never annoying at all.
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