What will you wear to the revolution
When you are sick of the plague?
Not the plague of novel Corona Virus
The gluttony that numbs us to the horror
Of millions of moms, brothers, friends dying
Because we need to “Open up for business!”
Without guidelines
Without personal protective equipment
For essential workers
Just a whole lot of prayers
And wishful thinking
Much like Mary Poppin’s
“Pie crust promises: easily made, easily broken”,
Prayers mean nothing if we haven’t
Done what work human hands are capable of, first.
So, what will you wear?
Sweat pants?
The power suit from the 80’s that still fits?
Your favorite pair of shoes?
Whatever we wear on our physical selves,
Dress our hearts in courage
Gird our spines with truth
Remake our tongues from compassion
We go forth to guard the ones
We are called to love
Even if we haven’t met them yet