“Riot fatigue!”
I think
“They have riot fatigue…”
And now Mr. Backlash enters stage left
Before anything of substance
Is accomplished
Before any institutions, laws or policies
Are examined, changed
Before we wrestle
With the gap between the constitution
And the way we actually treat one another
Jesus may have died 2,000 years ago
As a symbol that all lives matter
But apparently
Humankind didn’t believe that part
Of the message
If you’re suffering from riot fatigue
Sit down and listen
Rioting is the language of the unheard
If the rage and clamor
Seem an overreaction
Remember on the pain of death
Black people have been
Walking the tightrope
Of obedience without equal justice
Authority demanded for
This is 400 years of pain from injustice
Stuffed into a 200 year sack
If you’re tired after
Only two weeks of discomfort
Do something more
Than getting a false high from
Going to one protest, MORE
Than talking about black people
“Needing to obey authority”
Close the fucking gap