Moebius strip logic
Turns love upon itself
Love, hate become one
False premise as gospel:
Equally weighting the claims of
Oppressed and oppressor is neutrality
The cornerstone
Of a republic whose
Justice is blind
Has never examined
The surface of a still pond
Nor let starlight
Into its interior discourse
Gorges on cerebral fare
Injected with distilled
Spirits of fear
Only for added flavor
Chefs claim
Morning after
The debauchery
Will we dare look in the mirror?

On the days I can’t listen to the news

Up with the sun at 4am, Alaska Time

Those mornings coffee puts me over the edge

From awake to panic mode

In just a few sips

I slip into my wellies and out the front door

Greet the strawberries and lilies

Listen to the songbirds and Ravens alike

Welcome the new day

Walk amongst the Columbine, Iris and Cosmos

Breathe their light scent

Watch them flirt and dance with bees

Under the caress of wind and sun

Feel the earth under my feet

Return to myself again