It is like a bad penny!

James Holland confirms:
12 Star Ranch photos from the first time it showed up on the radar screen. I caught them filling wetlands and the corps made them restore them. Been knowing about this site a long time. This place gets awful wet and should not be developed. James

3346---12-27-06 Shows on site wetlands 8516---12-4-13 Buffalo Creek wetland fill site 12-27-06 Coastal Flight 119

12 Star Ranch Google Image(2A) 12-27-06 Coastal Flight 118 Community Barn & Garden Area Combo (AB)

The County Engineer attests to the Planning Commission that the plans are “compliant.” But, the storm water management and the On Site Disposal Systems aren’t even addressed. For that matter, that the island is surrounded by marshes and tidal creeks has seemingly been overlooked.