February 14, 2015 Agenda

SLEAT February 14 Agenda

Summary Minutes:

The meeting of the SLEAT convened about 2:00 PM and was attended by Lisa Norton, James Holland, Maria Coughenour and Hannah Smith. There were several amendments/additions to the agenda before it was approved. Discussion of a Mission Statement for the nascent organization was deferred to the next meeting. The identity of the drafter of our incorporation documents was also deferred, although Hannah volunteered to start working on that. The team decided that membership in the SLEAT would require a $10 contribution, although we could offer scholarships, if necessary.

Under current issues we discussed:

February 17 IPC meeting at St. Williams, including a visibility on Frederica on the 16th as a reminded to the community. The team decided that a visibility at just one location would be best, even though there are other controversial matters on the IPC agenda. We agreed that the petition to the Glynn County Commission to make better use of the moratorium would be circulated on clip boards at the IPC meeting and it was suggested that a blow up of the verbiage on a poster board on an easel would be helpful. Hannah agreed to make the poster. Mimi and James are to be tasked to organize an easel.
A survey of citizen attitudes that will be passed out at the IPC meeting was approved as suggested by Hannah, with the addition of the category “other” for citizens to complete. (see attached)
As Dick Wiederhorn suggested, we discussed the assignment of speaking roles for the 17th. Lisa Norton will address the destruction of trees by Mecchella, as well as the Lucas development on Sea Island Road. What punishment is able to be levied against those who violate ordinance provisions? It was suggested that Kitty Larkin be invited to address the density concerns associated with the rezoning of the North Harrington area “Tidal Shores.”

The sorely deficient marsh buffer bill being considered and diluted in the legislature was briefly discussed. The Team decided a separate public information hearing is in order and will schedule such, preferably at the Brunswick Public Library on Marsh 3, if the space is available. James Holland will be the primary presenter and will need a projector and video recording for later distribution. This will also be an opportunity to garner more signatures for the petition to the Glynn County Commission. Once the time and place is fixed, we will take out ads in the BN and Islander. SB 101 might properly be referred to as a Trojan Horse.

Although Aquifer Storage and Recharge is a significant issue, detailed attention will have to be deferred for a while.

The Glynn County trashing of the marsh along S.R 17 will be addressed by James Holland at the CC meeting of the 19th of February. Hog Crawl Creek will have to wait until the 5th of March.

Lisa Norton brought forward the Chamber of Commerce suggestion that the historic welcome center at the entrance to the Torras Causeway should be demolished and replace with some sort of arch or fountain needs to be shot down (excuse the bluntness). That the Ga DOT failed to provide appropriate ingress and egress is not an excuse to destroy a significant part of our coastal heritage. The Chamber of Commerce and Keep Glynn Beautiful (if they are involved) should be ashamed. St. Simons is, first of all, a residential community. If tourists are to be attracted, a mini-highway interchange is not going to do it. All over the country, car culture is being left behind. Why sacrifice our marshes to it on the Georgia Coast? (Excuse the editorializing–it comes with the summary, all that was promised).

The next meeting of the SLEAT is scheduled for February 28th, so we can finalize plans for the community meeting on the third of March.

We need more members, so, if you want to join, send us an email. The $10 membership fee need not be paid right away. So far we are operating on enthusiasm fumes.

Respectfully submitted,

Monica Smith, aka Hannah