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Sidney Lanier Environmental Advocacy Team

Summary minutes of meeting–April 18, 2015

For the benefit of members not present at the SPC hearing on the Sea Island Beach Club permit request we viewed a DVD (available upon request) and discussed possible next steps, including raising funds for attorney, accounting, web site development and publicity purposes.
S.L.E.A.T. now has an email address (see above) and a group page on Facebook
under the auspices of James Horrigan, aka Hannah

Mimi Waite, James Holland, Lisa Norton and Maria Coughenour volunteered to serve as a steering committee and Lisa was tasked with following up on arranging for meeting space in Brunswick. Mimi will develop materials for recruiting new members (dues are $10 per year or in-kind contributions). Hannah agreed to establish an account at a local bank — whichever provides the best service to non-profit corporations.

James Holland called for a review of our statement of purpose or mission and the following was again agreed to:

“To promote awareness and accountability of ecological concerns in Glynn and McIntosh Counties and provide an environmental movement of activism for addressing such issues”

Mimi, having added a discussion of issues, as well as a proposed letter to the Glynn County Commission and the Island Planning Commission to the agenda, James then moved that we consider those before other new business. Some items had already been covered in prior discussion and most of the rest fit comfortably under our “watchdog function,” which Maria helpfully identified. The team expressed support for Mimi’s letter to be sent under our auspices, after a bit of editing and condensation for clarity, to the two Commissions.

Upcoming events to take note of and, if possible attend:
DOT public hearing on the proposed pipeline on April 21 at Richmond Hill
Glynn County workshop on ordinances, also on April 21 (3-5PM), including an ordinance to promote tree preservation in the County
Glynn County Board of Assessor meeting on May 7th — Hannah has been invited to present her findings concerning the valuation and zoning designations of some County-owned lands

James was tasked with taking a look at the clear-cutting of tree buffers on Oak Grove Island during one of his next over-flights, the continued funding of which should be central to the team’s solicitation of donations, regardless of the fact that establishment as a 501.c.3 will require up to 18 months.

Our next meeting was scheduled for May 16 at Cypress Pond Cottage — further notice, if there is a change of venue.

Respectfully submitted,