James Holland has got their number:

To: karl_burgess@dnr.state.ga.us; josh.noble@dnr.state.ga.us;
Subject: Sea Island Dunes
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2015 06:56:52 -0400

Good Morning Karl,
Attached are photos taken on 4-3-15 along the dune on Sea Island from the Beach Club north to the golf course. Some of these watercraft in the dune field I have sent you concerns previously, yet they are still in the dunes.

One site that is particularly a concern beyond the watercraft is the area where someone has planted some sort of vegetation in the dunes with what appear to be irrigation pipes running all through it. Is this an area permitted by the joint committee for the Marsh Act/Shore Act?

I am requesting that you assign someone to investigate these dunes on Sea Island and if it is found that I am correct in my assertions as I believe you will, please follow the Shore Protection Act (SPA) and cause all these items to be removed from the dunes. Thank You Very Much. James Holland, S.L.E.A.T. Member

Don’t forget you can embiggen each image by clicking on it.

2941---4-3-15 Catamaran & beach chairs stored in Sea Dunes 2939---4-3-15 Catamarans in Sea Island Dunes 3012---4-3-15 Appear to be steps and watercraft stored in dune 2950---4-3-15 Catamarans plus tie down poles in dunes

2947---4-3-15 Boat stored in dunes 2946---4-3-15 Beach Equipment plus irrigation system in the dunes 3034---4-3-15 Appears to be lawn chair equipment in dune 3022---4-3-15 Water craft in dune and JD Area

3013---4-3-15 Appears to be activity in the dune grass area 3076---4-3-15 Watercraft and beach chairs stored in grassed area of dune field 3066---4-3-15 Beach Equipment Stored in the dune field 3047----4-3-15 lawn Chairs and equipment in dune

3045---4-3-15 Lawn Chairs in the dune 3040---4-3-15 Lawn chair equipment stored in the dune

SPA Law Pertaining to vehicles in dunes