Dear Friends of SLEAT:

The built environment is, of course, also of interest. To that end, let me report that the City of Brunswick has not only undertake to do its own property tax collecting, but has followed up with its first “tax sale,” held this December 3, 2019 on the second floor of the Old City Hall. After duly advertising and notifying property owners who were delinquent for 2018, the City ended up with 17 parcels to auction. Since most of the properties owed about $900 and bidding started at the owed amount, the City could have expected collecting about $15,300. However, as it turned out only five of the properties went at the base price. So, the City Clerk is looking to collect some $67,500 within an hour of the close of the auction when the person winning the bid has to show up at City Hall with cash or a certified check. The owner of record has a year to buy back the tax deed.

After that the holder of the tax deed can sue to secure title, which will probably also involve some expense. But, in the mean time, the citizens of Brunswick are no longer subsidizing dead beats. I should also note that a good chunk of taxes due are to put funds into the new storm water utility, an affirmative effort to address our location in the flood plain.

Bonus pic, behemoth in the Sound.