Neither to punish nor privilege.

Taxes are not a tool to punish or privilege, even though that’s how they are being used by our mismanagers in Congress. The real purpose of taxes is to keep the currency circulating at a lively rate so we don’t have to keep issuing more of it.

Just think, it only takes 26 symbols to represent all the words and ideas speakers of English can think of. For that matter, that same limited number of symbols serves a multiplicity of other languages because neither the multiplicity of users nor uses in any way diminishes their availability. That’s the way with symbols. It holds true for the representation of language and the representation of obligatory relationships. Moreover, a tangible/visible record of what we say and do is able to be passed around when we rely on symbols.

Symbols, things that stand for something else, are apparently difficult for some people to understand. They’re a mystery. I imagine it’s something like my inability to automatically translate musical notation into the sounds produced by a piano. The connection between the symbol and the sound just never registered.