Play, the defining thread

Thanks to the discovery of another Julian the Third, a distant relative, we’ve got new insight into the importance of play in the Cons’ development. The games these people play seem to define whom they hang out with, perhaps even provide the outline for their preferred hierarchy. For, they do all like to be hierarchically ranked, as well as genealogically linked.

This new Julian the Third is distantly related to the spouse via the brother of a grandfather’s sister-in-law. He’s in finance, a tax advisor (leach) and prefers to associate with the practitioners of solitary sport like skiing and scuba diving, common interests he relies on to identify his friends. Politics seems somewhat peripheral. Campaigning for Scott Brown will be an opportunity to compare the ski facilities in NH with those in Vermont. If all Brown’s promoters are similarly committed to play, Shaheen should secure a second term in the Senate rather handily.

Who knew banksters were into skiing? I suppose I should have. That and playing polo, a sport where the horse keeps other people at a distance. Solitary players. That’s what they are. Stand-offish and making a virtue of keeping their distance and exploiting their prey from afar. Also, diving for dollars makes them, on the whole, safer from the perspective of the womenfolk.

Is not making direct contact evidence of cowardice or merely the consequence of being out of touch. If you’re a predator worried about dirty hands, then the symbolic realm of the financier is ideal. Finance is the perfect niche for the fastidious predator.