“The One”

Congress, which is tasked by the Constitution with issuing and managing our currency is riding on a sea of denial. Not only does it deny its responsibility for the reliability of the dollar, it pretends that these tokens or symbols of value (obligation) have some intrinsic worth. Why? Because the people’s representatives, knowing themselves to be bad stewards, have come to rely on the dispensing of threats and bribes to secure their own tenure. So, they dispense the currency selectively to individuals and groups with the power to implement their threats, which simply boil down to “no lunch” for any portion of the electorate that fails to vote right.

I have to credit Justice Anthony Kennedy, a known conservative justice, for highlighting the agency role of our public officials as well as the preeminence of the rule of law behind which our agents of government hide. It’s an old tactic, this claiming of a higher authority that demands subservience and upon whom all injustice and irrational behavior can be blamed. Individuals need not be capricious or arbitrary when caprice can be written into the law and the scofflaw lawmakers can proclaim “nothing personal.”

Justice Kennedy also expounds on the permit as both a claim to authority and a right that cannot be denied. Permitting, the system which we laymen count on to promote public welfare, including the health of our natural environment, is another example of having it both ways — in this case, the pretense of protection AND the gratification of agency self-importance. The semblance of power is what the traditionalists are after — meaningless status. Ass kissing perhaps best exemplifies it, as long as there’s no real affection.

Perhaps the attitude towards currency, a figment of the imagination, which insists that the imaginary is real, is merely a consistent example of an inability to distinguish between the symbolic and the real. If so, then perhaps we could test it by putting them all on a pedestal. Perhaps the veneration of St. Ronie is nothing more than disguised jealousy and we can rid ourselves of the recalcitrant Cons by venerating them out the kazoo.
After all, what would it cost us to intone “all hail to Imhoff and McCain”? We could even do it ironically and they’d never know.
Imagine that there is no irony in this Obama video by the McCain campaign.

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