A novel charitable enterprise.

Instead of giving someone a subscription to a magazine or a ten day cruise to get away from their cares, you can pay for their enrollment in an ACA qualified health insurance plan. Third party payments are allowed.
So, if people fall through the cracks because they aren’t poor enough to be on regular medicare and the state where they happen to live (24 of them) has refused the dollars to expand Medicaid to include the working poor, friends and relations can help with the equivalent of the CARE packages they sent to the old country after World War II.

This interim final rule requires issuers of qualified health plans (QHPs), including stand-alone dental plans (SADPs), to accept premium and cost-sharing payments made on behalf of enrollees by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, other Federal and State government programs that provide premium and cost sharing support for specific individuals, and Indian tribes, tribal organizations, and urban Indian organizations.