“Not everyone named Michelle is a loser.”

That’s what the spouse said when I wrote him how surprised and disappointed I was to discover that Michelle Nunn has gratuitously endorsed the XL pipeline from Canada, because buying oil from “neighbors” is better than from overseas, as well as to read a report that Nunn wants changes to Obamacare to allow cheaper policies for the young. Like they don’t have car accidents and sports injuries, etc? (Read the other day that there’s a chance auto and workmen’s comp insurance rates are going to decrease now that people have health insurance. Ripple effect).

He went on to observe that “Kenny and Tracy have a full-sized virtual Michelle Obama in their dining room.” (see above) And that reminded me that I’d captured Michelle’s virtual appearance on Colbert Nation the other night.

More evidence that there’s a stealth campaign underway. My money is on a Biden/Obama ticket in 2016. Just today the lady duo was making news at the White House according to the Washington Post:

First lady Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, who have teamed up for the last three years to support military families as part of the Joining Forces initiative, announced at the White House Friday additional efforts to support caregivers, with the help of public and private partnerships.

‘Twas not an affair to sneeze at since they were joined “by former senator Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.) and former first lady Rosalyn Carter.” Lots of bi-partisan credibility there. According to the press release:

The Department of Defense will offer all military caregivers a peer-to-peer support initiative. Over the next 14 months, the Department of Defense will create forums for caregivers at every military installation around the world that serves wounded warriors and their caregivers.
The successful Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes program will pilot an initiative to help caregivers find jobs. The Chamber of Commerce will expand its current job fair program focused on veterans by developing a targeted program in areas with high concentrations of military caregivers, namely, those around military treatment facilities. Recognizing that many military caregivers have limited flexibility, the Chamber of Commerce will also incorporate caregivers into a virtual job fair program. Additionally, the Chamber of Commerce will host a summit for the business community in September to promote employment and workplace friendly environments for military caregivers.
The Military Officers of Association of American (MOAA), with assistance from the USAA Bank, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, and the American Bar Association (ABA), is launching an online guide to aid caregivers in contingency planning and decision making. The Web site will be a major public portal for caregivers across the country to access free financial, legal and social resources, including military and veteran benefits and support during or after transitioning from the military. This initiative will be further enhanced through a major national collaborative effort Lawyers for Heroes, a partnership between Public Council’s Center for Veterans Advancement, the ABA and MOAA to offer free legal support to military families who are struggling the most financially. Google will incorporate its online collaboration service Helpouts into the site, giving military caregivers the ability to speak online with social workers who can provide free screening and resource assistance.

Can you say co-opting GOP values? Military, merchants and Moms. 3 Ms for the 21st Century, instead of apple pie.

Of course, I could be wrong. But at this point, Michelle Obama looks a lot stronger than Michelle Nunn.