Poor John

Boehner, that is.

“I can give you hundreds of letters from my constituents who have been harmed by this law. My insurance premiums nearly doubled. My co-pays and deductibles tripled under ‘Obamacare,’” the Ohio Republican said today.

Boehner has lamented his own insurance rates previously, which were forced to change along with other older government workers when the existing federal employee healthcare system moved to the District of Columbia’s new exchange, which was mandated by president’s signature law. Boehner and his wife Debbie’s monthly premium were originally $433 a month and their deductible $700. Debbie Boehner went into Medicare when she turned 65 and the speaker opted for a plan similar to his old one, which brought their premium to $800 and deductible to the $2,000 range, according to Politico.

But then, his salary alone comes to $200,000 and Congress has this penchant for “ability to pay.” Sometimes, they call it “sliding scale” which nicely serves to cancel out the well-known merchant’s thumb on the scale.

The Republican party is, after all, the party of shop-keepers and merchants. Middlemen. Smirking parasites.