For the graphically impaired,

like me, who have to have things spelled out, I present an image that’s running in the Wall Street Journal along with an op-ed by Mr. Koch, the CEO of Koch Industries.
Obviously, the graphic artist was inspired by Kos, or “the great orange satan” as it is jocularly called.

Wishful thinking, that’s what Mr. Koch is engaged in. His stated goal is to educate the American people to understand that his taking our natural resources to market so we can pay him a hefty profit with our own money is how the world ought to be. Free to exploit. That’s what he wants to be and we’re supposed to agree.

Poor Mr. Koch. He’s obviously irony deficient. Why else would he cite praise from all those government agencies (EPA, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Health and Safety) he wants to do away with?

I suspect he’s got “that vision thing” Poppy Bush complained of–can’t tell the difference between an illusion and actually doing. He believes propaganda on behalf of half-wit candidates for public office is evidence of being “engaged in the political process.”

In other venues, Mr. Koch touts his managerial expertise. He sure doesn’t know how to pick winning public servants.
Ah, but he’s got a friend in high places who read (not very well) his editorial into the Congressional Record: