Capitalism: by the predatory kind?

There is no such thing.
Capitalism, as practiced by organisms that have no sense of time, manifests as the behavior of the predator, or even the cannibal. At most, they accumulate a surplus which then goes to waste. Time is of the essence. Time makes the difference between whether any taking is focused on saving for use at a later point in time, to transform for trade and even exchange, or simply for consuming in the present. In other words, people deficient in the sense of time cannot anticipate nor share what they have/extract/encounter on the spot. If they accumulate, it is a matter of happenstance.
Because they are unaware of the existence of time and space, people who exist in an ineffable present cannot overcome their limitations. Like the color-blind having to take the distinction between red and green on faith, their sensory deficits cannot be overcome. But, there’s a significant difference arising from the fact that the human community is prepared for some people being color or even totally blind. We don’t expect people to have no sense of time or place. Nor, for that matter, do we expect people to be either hypersensitive to time or stuck in space.

What to do with people who will not be moved? How much social conflict is the result of people who resist being moved? Is that what accounts for the vacant cities of China? People resisting relocation? Is that what accounts for the generation of fear, the desire to move people around? If so, it’s a mistaken strategy because fight or flight are not the only possible response. The natural response to fright is to freeze. Terrorized people move even less. Which leads to the hypothesis that economic and social stagnation are corelative to fear. Which comes first? Fear, one suspects, because fear is both self-generating and reproducing. The fearful person spreads it around.