The Perqs of Incumbency.

The perqs of incumbensy let a fellow, who’s leaving the House, invite citizens to bask, one last time, in his good intentions and take note of the fact that he’s angling to be promoted to the Senate. Jack Kingston, a member of the Republican theme team, is no slouch when it comes to massaging and messaging the constituents. Which is what he presumes anyone who attended a previous gathering to be.

So, he uses his franking privilege to write:

Members of the United States Armed Forces have consistently shown, both in peacetime and war, the strength and sacrifice their jobs demand. Veterans and military retirees deserve the best service and delivery of benefits possible, and it remains one of my top priorities to ensure your access to such resources. That’s why I hope you or a loved one will attend this important forum.


It’s a tell that the fellow does not know what words mean. Perhaps that’s a prerequisite for insurance salesmen like Jack Kingston and Scott Brown.