Yet Another Political Medicine Man

Dr. Ben Carson is evidence that the self-centered, instinct-driven personality is not restricted by gender or ethnic affiliation. Brown people are just as susceptible as pink ones to having scrambled brains that can’t connect cause and effect and play loose with the sequential nature of time.

Why do such people succeed as medical men? Because modern medicine is largely a profession of memorization and repetition. The surgeon, in particular, just has to remember where the nerves and blood vessels are and not cut the wrong one. Indeed, since the surgeon inevitably has to assault his patients, it’s probably best that he be neither squeamish nor sensitive. He hurts to heal.

In other words, the intended ends justify the means. That’s not a good mind-set for a politician.

Saying that marriage is between a man and a woman is like saying dinner is between a flounder and a diner. True, but irrelevant.