Irrlevant Agents

If nothing is to be done, or the agenda is failure, then it doesn’t matter who’s tapped as the agent. Right? Anyone will do. Anyone can be blamed. So, perhaps we can utilize this reality backwards. That is, irrelevant agents can be taken as a sign (clue?) that the enterprise is up to no good or destined to fail. Incompetents or unsuited individuals are not to blame for failure; they’re a sure sign that someone else, the organizer or organization, aims to do wrong. I mean, anyone that’s aiming for success is going to deploy competent assistants. Right?

Chris Christie surrounded himself with losers, people with fewer talents than he has himself. Was it so they could be conveniently shed at the drop of a hat? Did his subordinates know they were disposable, irrelevant? That the only function of the retinue was to make Christie look good? Yes, and it is all just a matter of appearances. “Look at me” is the beginning and end of the story. “Never mind what I do or say. Just look at me and admire.”

The politician as showman. Only for show. That goes for the issues, as well. Irrelevance = unreal = deception.

Pawns are for show?