Michelle Obama is Going to China

Solo. It’s to be a week long trip to the most populous nation on earth. In the last few days, I’ve seen favorable coverage of Obama’s nutrition initiative, the expansion of the school lunch program, the decrease in early childhood obesity, as well as the fact that her career had been more advanced than her husband’s when he ran for the Senate and then the Presidency.

I get the sense that Obama’s a stealth candidate for 2016, while Hillary Clinton is a convenient stalking horse to attract whatever negative press is out there. At the same time, Joe Biden is being featured in the effort to talk Vladimir Putin, who’s gone round the bend, down. Meanwhile, the “weak” Barack is confabulating with Angela Merkel about the shirtless Putin and setting Graham and McCain atwitter.

Maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see. Time will tell. Biden/Obama would be a hard ticket to counter.

Let’s see, what did one of those pundits call Michelle Obama? Oh, yes, she’s not the First Lady; she’s the First Mom. You know, as in “Mom and Apple Pie.”