Pope Francis is a Grand-stander.

Perhaps, if Pope Francis reads his own press, it is worth noting that the reason people are poor is because they have no money and the reason they have no money is because governments ration it and rich people hoard it. Jesus said “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” and, in the modern day, when democracies are the norm, even though petty potentates prefer to pretend otherwise and ration the currencies to prove it, the people are Caesar. If the people have no money, it is because someone has stolen it and/or arrogated their access to resources.

Private property is to blame, in part. By granting the exclusive use of the globe’s natural resources to some people, we preclude its use by others. Sometimes, the process even involves the use of force, such as when Palestinians are driven off the land so new settlements can be set up for someone else. However, the problem isn’t entirely the exclusive use, which sometimes even gets justified on the basis that the designated users have a higher and better purpose (commerce instead of farming?). The problem is that it is generally overlooked that ownership comes with a bundle of obligations–to work the land and share the fruits thereof. Just hunkering on a plot of land, waiting to be served and scaring strangers off, or even manning the gates to ward off potential invaders, constitutes a pattern of behavior which eventually spells failure. Not because the excluded will storm the gates with pitch forks and torches, but because the populace will learn to ignore them and leave the denizens to fend for themselves in their splendid isolation.

The underground or shadow economies around the globe attest to the fact that this is already happening. At least Pope Francis has the good sense to know that sitting in the Vatican is a losing proposition.