Deprive, Deceive, Deny

Denial follows deprivation and deceit as night follows day. It has to, if only to avoid revenge. Because when deprived people discover that their “sacrifice” was all for naught or to satisfy the obsessions of some greedy pol, they’re likely to come for their pound of flesh and the perp has to be ready to proclaim, “oh, no! ‘Twas not I. There must be some mistake.”

What’s the context for that introduction? Why the Congress, that body of lying scoundrels, who have been pretending for decades that the rationing of the dollar they’ve been employing to punish enemies and reward their friends was forced upon them by the intransigent banks. They’ve been lying so long that it is impossible to set the recent Tea Party recruits insisting on cutting out all rewards straight. The result is an across the board sequester, compromised only when it came to facilitating congressional flights home, that any minute now the President is going to disown.

Just wait. Obama’s going along with the clamour for military action in Syria and then, when it comes time to pay, it is Congress that is going to have to find the bucks. And what’s in the sequester is not going to be enough. How to escape that spot between a rock and a hard place? Just say no to war.

And it won’t be Obama’s fault. The inside the beltway press can spin it as a failure to crack the whip and make Congress sit up, but in the rest of the country that’s not going to wash.