The Culture of Obedience Makes Irrational Demands

That’s one of its defining characteristics. That doesn’t mean irrational demands are indisputable evidence of the culture of obedience. Logic does not work backwards and forwards alternatively. Though A = B, B does not necessarily = A. Reality is not like a see-saw. What goes up does not necessarily come down; it can head out to space, never to be seen again, or not.

On the other hand, for the culture of obedience to thrive, irrational demands are indispensible. That’s because the culture of obedience is inherently coercive and abusive and, reason being a natural human attribute, coercion has to be unreasoning or irrational by default. Note that unreasoning is different from unreasonable. We can understand people who don’t themselves reason or think. Unreasoning humans are instinct-driven; they function like mosquitoes or automatons, organic cogs.

As I’ve said before, we need to worry less about machines that might be programmed to act like humans and be wary of humans that behave like machines. Something sets them off and they go on a rampage until someone else shuts them down. They look harmless. Who knew? What we need to remember is that “looks are deceiving.”