Avoidable Austerity

Money is a convenient tool for measuring how well and how much of our resources are allocated. Dollars are nothing but certified IOUs to keep track of who owes what to whom. Every dollar is a record of a debt.

The problem self-centered people have is that they resent the notion that they owe anyone anything because they don’t see themselves as connected to anyone else. Also, many have no talents which they can exchange with anyone else (other than the gift of gab) and so they feel insecure and incompetent. That makes them behave in an obnoxious manner and demand (extort) what they can’t get any other way.

Controlling the currency in order to coerce support for the incompetent is abusive. It’s the difference between using a hammer to nail and build a house and using it to bash in someone’s head and steal his house. Any tool is liable to being misused by incompetent and mean people. Congress is misusing the money supply in order to coerce. Why, since we already pay them enough? Because some people are never satisfied. They’re hoarders. Some people hoard string, others hoard dollars and still others hoard power. Congress is hoarding power by rationing dollars, while their cronies on Wall Street hoard the dollars themselves. The result is austerity — entirely avoidable.