Confession–I was not kind in 2004.

The Presidential Primary in New Hampshire in 2004 was on January 7th. The Democratic nomination was locked up in May. As a supporter of Howard Dean, I was not gracious in February. Is it hubris to claim prescience?

February 12, 2004

Kerry’s rep

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The Boston Globe, which knows its “favorite son” best, has three op-eds this morning contrasting the Massachusetts native with the shrub. There’s the real warrior versus paternal protector model from Ellen Goodman, the liberal versus liar model in Joan Vennochi’s column and then there’s Jeff Jacobi’s column from which it is only possible to conclude that the proper designation for the presumptive Democratic nominee is “flip-flop Kerry.”

While I am inclined to agree with all three commentators, I’m not sure the liberal-liar comparison has it quite right. Because, though it isn’t logically proper to call a promise about something that hasn’t yet happened a lie, if it doesn’t turn out as expected, surely in retrospect unkept promises that are repeated turn into lies.

I mean, isn’t that what’s happened with the shrub’s claims about the WMD? Poor intelligence may have led him to make false promises before the attack and exploration of Iraq. But, after the evidence started accumulating that there are and were no WMD, the reassertion that they were there is a lie.

Indeed, when one looks at flip-flop Kerry’s record of accomplishments, it’s pretty obvious that he’s only liberal in the sense of taking liberties with the truth. From which I at least have to conclude that the man is not to be trusted. But then his personal relationships with women should have told us that, shouldn’t it?

That’s just what the Democratic party needs, a Catholic liar going into Baptist country preaching courage and virtue and fidelity and truth!!!!

If we go for that, then we are really stupid and deserve to be misled by the shrub for another term.