"Let's de-elect the Congress"

Consider the parable of the unjust steward (Luke 16:1-13) in the Bible. He’d been fired, so, in revenge and to earn himself the good graces of his master’s debtors, he wrote down their debts.

That’s essentially what Congress is doing for their rich cronies by writing down their taxes. Since, like the unjust steward, it’s their job to manage their masters’ (our) assets, the disposition of the revenue is within their purview and, since they aren’t taking anything for themselves, not technically theft. Just more poor management, and disloyal. Instead of the Constitution, they’re serving special interests to, indirectly, serve themselves. The solution is the same as it was two thousand years ago — firing.

There’s an irony in Willard’s assertion that he enjoys “firing people who provide services to me.” He seemed unaware that it was himself who was angling for a position from which he could/should be fired for poor performance.

The Party of No are do nothing folk. It is almost impossible to charge people who do nothing with crimes. Even ordinary folk charged with loitering are hard to prosecute. Doing nothing is everyone’s right. That’s why we pay people to work. So, when it comes to public officials who don’t deliver or deliver selectively, we might charge them with “public services fraud.”

But, the judicial process, to which everyone who’s charged with a crime is entitled, is very slow. Especially for members of the House, de-election goes quicker. So, in 2014, “Let’s de-elect the Congress” should be our theme.

Perhaps we could get Neil Young to write new lyrics. It was, after all, the Congress who gave Dubya the tools.