Non-reponsive Rubio.

Since it has been announced that Senator Marco Rubio is to give the Republican “response” to the President’s State of the Union address and that, moreover, a Spanish language version is already in the can, it can’t properly be called a response.

However, doing a response before the speech actually happens is typical for people who are sensorially deficient. If a person is lacking in the sense of time, sequence and/or order, doing things out of order does not strike them as peculiar.

So, it seems fair to point out that not only was Rubio’s speech written by someone else and canned, but, having been produced first, it can’t possibly be responsive.

And “produced” is the right term in that Rubio’s speech is a production or colaboration or corporate endeavor. Not only is it not responsive; it’s not even his own work. It’s one thing for the President to outline and edit a speech and have it put on the prompter to remind him of his words; it’s another for Marco to read a script that’s been cobbled together by Republican speechifiers.

But, what I want to know is to what extent Rubio is the Marco Polo of Republican politics.