Weather report for Durham, NH

The good and bad news is that the wind is steady from the north and is gusting up to fifty or seventy five miles an hour.

The bad part is, of course, the wind chill, which is probably what temporarily froze that hot water supply line down cellar, which I can keep open by running the hot and cold taps for a few seconds on a regular basis.

The good news is that no snow is accumulating on branches because of the wind.

The bad news, once again, is that the wind has made some incredible drifts. The only way I can get out of the house now is through the slider in the living room. There is no snow on the granite steps or on the lawn of the terrace because of the way the north side of the house funnels the wind. Nor is the cellar door blocked because the snow gets sucked out before it can accumulate.

I trust Albert will not venture out until the storm passes through. I have no need or desire to go anywhere.