Suckle Banks?

It’s my sense that the Cons are a bunch of sucklings, resentful at having been weaned and looking to be suckled by the public teat. The public corporation is something they want to exploit, to get a steady stream of income/support/subsidy while doing a minimal amount of work. The latter is important because, other than being endowed with the gift of gab, these people have few talents. They need to be suckled and soccored because they simply can’t do anything for or by themselves. They give orders because they can’t take them. Or rather, they pass on orders because they are incapable of carrying them out.

Remember “Radar” in MASH? That’s the model for the modern politician. They’re actually quite handy if a parrot is wanted. Also, some are equipped with good memories, which let them regurgitate or repeat everything they’ve read. So, if one asks them a question, if they’ve encountered the information, they can spit it out — sort of like a walking Google. Better really, because Google is getting very commercial.

But, when sucklings get suckered and there’s no succor to be had, what will they do? Will they get mad? Will we have mad sucklings on our hands?