OFA –> Offal?

Obama for America evolved into Organizing for America to promote the President’s re-election. But now it has devolved into Organizing for Action, a one-way propaganda arm that might better be described as offal, or even awful.

Perhaps this kind of devolution is inevitable for political organizations. It happened to Democracy for America, Howard Dean’s invention, as well. They start out soliciting members and intellectual contributions and then, at some point, taking in dollars and giving directions end up being preferred. Being responsive to members is hard work. Is that why organizations devolve into accumulating money and doing nothing else. Is that what’s happened to our political parties and labor unions, as well? Is accumulation the predicate for the inevitable collapse? Why everything that gets too big fails?

Give us your dollars.

Then give us some more,

Unless you’re too tired and poor.

Then just go away.