The Womb of the Dispossessed.

Now there’s a thought I hadn’t had before. It’s occurred to me that instinct-driven humans, whose brains are restricted to binary thinking, are perhaps the result of prenatal or perinatal stress. That coerced procreation might thus be perceived as a desideratum in the interest of sustaining the population of antagonistic humans, occurred to me as a consequence of mulling the antagonism embedded in the original U.S. Constitution.

The original Constitution was elitist, anti-democratic and anti-populist. That “we, the people” govern was an aspiration, not a given. Thus, the Cons argue that giving powers to agents of government is a one-time event that lasts forever–sort of like traditional marriage vows. Citizens agree to be ruled by the elect and that’s it. That’s all she wrote.

The reason the Cons can be so consistent is because their commitment to dominion, to the mob being ruled by the elite, is entirely coherent. They do not like their fellow man and the only thing that makes him bearable is keeping him in line. The Cons are hunters become herders. Instead of consuming their prey on the spot, they save it (husband it) for later. If people are to be saved, it is so they can be more fully exploited at leisure. The Cons can’t consider other humans as equals because that would make them exploitable. They’d be agreeing to the probability of their own extinction. If they are equal, they are as nothing. The Cons cannot aspire to create because they have no creative talents and have to rely on their wits and their gift of gab.

What seems to differentiate the Cons from the Pros is attitude. Cons despise their fellow man. “Public” is a dirty word for them. The Pros love their fellow man. The question is where does this antagonism towards one’s own kind come from? Since we find it almost everywhere on earth, but in a relatively small percentage of the population, it’s either in the DNA or some early insult to the organism that keeps it from developing normally. Antagonism towards one’s own kind is definitely an aberration.

Species that routinely devour their own do not survive. So, if it’s in the DNA, the Cons are on their way to extinction, whether they want to believe it or not. Perhaps they expect that, if enough women are coerced to give birth, their numbers will be refreshed — that antagonism is conceived in the womb of the dispossessed.

I wonder if anyone has perceived the story of the ark in the biblical flood as a metaphor for birth, man arriving on dry land like a piece of flotsam on the tide. So, the primordial fear isn’t of eventual death, but of not getting breath?