Ownership comes with obligations. If many people in the United States don’t realize that, it may well be because ownership has been sold to them as a sop, to compensate for the fact that their human rights are routinely disrespected. Property rights get top billing. Initially, it had to be that way, otherwise people could not be legally owned as if they were material objects.

So, if the U.S. is materialistic, it’s not because people value material wealth above all else, but because their value as human beings is still discounted. People who own stuff, including children, get respect. People with children get support; people without can go suck air. It doesn’t even matter whether the children are theirs by birth. Adoptive or fosterparents, like Michelle Bachman, get more support for each one.

Property owners get more police protection.

Pet owners get special parks.

Home owners get preferential tax rates.

The one time when Dubya was absolutely correct was when he called the United States an “ownership society.”

Message to residents of the U.S?

“If you want to be somebody, own a house and a car and don’t forget to strap yourself into that cage on wheels.”