The law as slaver.

From the start, contrary to the aspiration expressed in the Constitution, the law has been used to dominate, subordinate and denigrate certain segments of the population and to elevate the ownership of property. It had to be that way to make slavery, as well as the ownership of wives and children, legal. Yes, the law is supposed to promote justice, but it never has. If we are making progress, it’s towards having a more just society.

Equality, it turns out, does not get us there. For, it has been shown that 99% can be treated equally shoddily. It is possible to have a hierarchy with just a handful of rulers on top. And hierarchy is what antagonists are about. The presumption that human societies are naturally stratified with leaders and followers serves to justify (make just) all kinds of physical and verbal abuse. Indeed, abuse is the primary instrument of dominion and the rule of law makes it right.

But, the biggest advantage to be derived from the rule of law is that the law, like mony, leaves no fingerprints. So, the agents of abuse can remain unidentified and the victims, as far as they can tell, have no person against whom to seek revenge. Which is very good for the aggressors and abusers, who are, without question, cowards. Cowards are people who cow their prey so they don’t have to tangle with them directly.

Anyway, since the victims of abuse have little or no ability to defend themselves, especially not against the rule of law, it is necessary for an outside third party to stand up for them and call a halt to the abusive rule. You know, like the Lone Ranger used to do.

It’s all very logical really. Aggressors rely on intermediaries (the law or money or henchmen) to do their dirty work, so it is entirely appropriate that we employ agents of government to counter-act them. If they don’t work, they have to be fired. And that’s where we have fallen down. There is corruption on Capitol Hill. Our agents have sided with the aggressors and the abusers and we haven’t dismissed them. Stewards turning on their masters is an old story.

Luke 16: 1-13

Some humans are dishonest. The solution is still the same. They have to be fired. After all, it is entirely property to pay people, or remunerate them, for doing what they are told, a job. If that is not entirely appreciated in the U.S., it is probably a remnant of our history of free labor, of people having to do what they are told just to survive.

Finally, consider the slave. He was prevented from sustaining himself and his progeny by being literally and metaphorically chained to his place of employment. That is, he was prevented from acquiring sustenance by being confined to one place. In the twenty-first century, humans aren’t chained to their domicile, although they are “strongly encouraged” to stay inside except when they leave for work. Rather, it is the resources needed to sustain life which are chained up and secured by private property rights. Instead of people being chained and locked up, it’s the resources that have been made exclusive. So the vast majority of the population has to work just to eat. Indeed, the notion that humans are entitled to eat to live is a challenge to those who would have them labor for free.

The American original sin is slavery, embedded in the Constitution. The law has been changed, but the antagonistic attitude towards our own kind persists and the would-be slave drivers continue to resort to the law to do their dirty work.