Money provides a convenient veil behind which to commit skullduggery. When the perpetrators also have the cover of law, they’re home free.

However, that they had to have a personally ambitious prosecutor who would take advantage of his absolute immunity and look the other way tells us they’re still likely to be sunk.

So, President Obama now has two issues with which to inflame the country. There’s still all the pictorial evidence of torture and murder in Iraq to expose. He can lift the restrictions on them being made public or he can go after the banks. In the first instance, most of the victims are dead and their relatives cannot be made whole by having the violations exposed. In the second case, most of the victims are still alive and the whole nation wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of revenge by having some big-wigs cut down a notch.

Somebody should write a book: “Lanny Breuer, Inside Man.”