Cultivating Obedience.

Property rights have been able to trump human rights for so long, probably because people, whose awareness of their own properties is slim to non-existent, are content to protect what they own.

For example, people who can’t speak well aren’t likely to care about free speech. People whose legs hurt when they stand or walk, don’t value walking to the store or taking a cross-country hike. They’d much rather sit in their cage on wheels and let the car take them down the road.

Physical disabilities inhibit independent action. So, what incentive is there for people, who get their jollies from intimidating others into inaction, to remove those physical impediments?

The people of the United States aren’t just being fattened for the slaughter; they’re being fattened to render them lethargic and compliant. The culture of obedience has many components.

The culture of obedience is complex, in part because use of the military is to be avoided. The military industrial complex isn’t monolithic. Industries rule the homeland, while the military is sent overseas. We should always keep in mind that the cons do not use adjectives to modify. A compound phrase always implies opposites, just as in “creative destruction” one party creates and another destroys.

What is the motivation? Jealousy, it seems. Jealousy is what motivates Satan to destroy, or at least undermine, what the creator had made. Good serves as a prompt to evil, much as the demand for compliance prompts deception. Evil deceives to gain compliance and that prompts deception to evade being coerced. Which means evil is in a self-destructive bind. But, it can’t be ignored because of the destruction it leaves along the way.

It isn’t good people doing nothing that lets evil triumph; it’s good people being compliant with the culture of obedience. Evil happens when people obey. Vigilance is not enough; there has to be resistance to back it up. Resistance, btw, is not the same as aggression. The “party of no” has got the right tactic, but the wrong target.